Umbrella Academy Season 2 – Ending Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 was a joyous ride for everyone. But, it also left behind many unanswered questions and we know that you are still craving for the answers. Umbrella Academy is a Netflix series based upon a comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Though its first season was okay, the second season was just perfect and interesting. The plot set of the 1960s was tightly and finely- created. Altogether, it was emotionally fulfilling, and the narration was satisfying. With all these fantastic points the series became one of the best series of Netflix. It was loved by everyone and the fan base is huge.

Umbrella Academy
The cast – Umbrella Academy Season 2 Academy

Before we start the explanation let’s take a quick flashback of The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Umbrella Academy Season 2 is majorly in Sissy’s (Marin Ireland) farm, where we see her son who is having a complete power-breakdown. When Vanya saved Harlan from drowning, she gave some of her powers inside him. And, when she was being tortured by the FBI, she formed a mind-connection with Harlan and set him off.

After all the cast members of the series reach the farm The Handler arrives there and Lila to “eliminate the suspects responsible for the assassination of JFK and the murder of the Commission’s Board of Directors.” Lila is fired from her job and she is all ready to shoot and murder the Hargreeves kids after she comes to know that they were responsible for the death of her parents.

It’s revealed that Lila too has some powers when Vanya does her Silver Surfer thing and eliminates the cadre of Commissioner Agents. She starts to fly in the air just like Vanya and starts to destroy the farm. And, we see the end of the season with an epic battle between the Hargreevers and the Temps Commission.

And, we see that ‘The Umbrella Academy’ ends up defeating The Commissioner and The Handler. The discovery is also made out that Diego loves Lila. After Handler is dead and Lila gone, the five siblings decide to return to 2019.

The cast that included:

  • Aiden Gallagher as Number Five: We are quite sure that you have seen him, in 2013’s in an episode of Modern Family. In the Umbrella Academy, he is the younger sibling. He is actually a 58-year-old in a younger human body. His ability that makes him special is of jumping through space and time.
  • Ellen Page as Vanya: She has the most amazing and mysterious power that is different from all other siblings there. She can convert sound into a super destructive force that can destroy anything.
  • Top Hopper as Luther: His power is with him since his birth. It is quite amazing as he became a half-ape after given that serum in the operation. You can call him an astronaut with super strengths.
  • Emmy Raver-Lipman as Allison: Her power is known as “rumor”, which is quite interesting to hear. She has an amazing power of persuasion and can make anyone do anything she wants.
  • Ethan Hwang as Ben: He is the number six and is known for his destructive power of releasing giant terrifying tentacles from his chest.

And, all of them were very fascinating and perfect blend of action and humor. Their emotion and character development gave us the satisfying 10 episodes batch. But, we all were left hanging on a cliff-hanger after the end of the second season. It was amazing, confusing, and incredible at the same time. The wait for the next season won’t work here as Netflix has not made any official announcement about season 3 of the series. So we are here to dissect the ending of the show and give all your answers to you.  Stay Tuned for more information about the show.


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