NCIS: New Orleans Star reveals how season premiere will address corona virus

The next season of NCIS: New Orleans is going to address the coronavirus pandemic. This is explained by CCH Pounder, who played the role of Dr. Loretta Wade. She mentioned this while having a conversation with the TVLine. She recalled her reaction overhearing that the series aimed to resume production in late August/ early September; and explained it with a lengthy conversation alongside the rest of the entertainment industry.

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She was too much concerned about the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and just couldn’t take it out of the head and ignore the fact that NCIS was going to just wave off the health crisis. She mentioned that we all are a part of this world, which is going through a deadly pandemic. And that she got a call from the executive producer Jan Nash and Chris Silber, who is the writer of the season and they said that the upcoming series is going to be based on COVID.

She also explained about her character; and added that the series is going to capture the major part that happened early on. She also explained the storyline and mentioned that the story is going to reflect on the early periods of the pandemic when people were wearing masks, and they too were saying that they are fine and they don’t need to wear a mask. And how she becomes shocked when they didn’t pay attention to her; and thought that her opinion doesn’t matter to them.

The actress also quoted that the story of the upcoming season is going to show how New Orleans was in terrible shape until their mayor LaToya Cantrell with the help of her governor John Bel Edwards came together and made very strict rules for everyone.

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