Box Office: ‘Come Play’ Limps to $3.1 Million Debut

The movie market has been pretty slow lately, and even big-budget movies have been facing a crisis. The films released are not getting an appropriate debut, and the situation is proving to be a loss to the movie makers. With many movies being postponed for a release and the other lot being ready for a digital release, very few movies remain for a proper theatrical release. Moreover, people are still scared to go out of their homes amidst the coronavirus pandemic, leading to fewer earnings than usual.

Reception of the film ‘Come Play’

In this time, if a film manages to cross the million-dollar debut mark, it manages to grab some eyeballs. In such a situation, the 2020 horror thriller film has hit the box office 3.1 million dollars for its debut. It has been getting mixed reviews from the critics but has managed to make decent earnings at the box office. It is not usual for a horror film to earn this much that too amidst the pandemic scenario. This is why even though it is a lower number than a usually good film, it has managed limp to the 3 million dollar mark and turn some heads towards itself.

Box Office: ‘Come Play’ Limps to $3.1 Million Debut
Azhy Robertson as “Oliver” and Gillian Jacobs as “Sarah”

The main reason for such a drop in earnings is that the main theatres in the big cities remain closed and people are still reluctant to go out to have fun. The film industry has been suffering extensively because of the same, and it is no surprise that most films are opting for a digital release instead of going to the theatres.

Come Play: Who is in the Cast of the film?

Gillian Jacobs plays the lead in the film in the role of Sarah. She is accompanied by John Gallagher Jr. as Marty on the screen. Azhy Robertson can be seen playing the role of Oliver. Winslow Fegley also joins the cast in the role of Bryon.

What is the film about?

The film revolves around the parents and a creature who tries to break into our world. To save their kid, the parents do everything in their power to stop it from happening. The parents fight back with the creature to save their son from being a victim to it. The film takes us on a ride of emotions and thrill as we see the family struggle to keep their son safe.

Box Office: ‘Come Play’ Limps to $3.1 Million Debut
Poster for the film

Development of the film

The film arrived on the occasion of Halloween and has mainly surpassed the basic expectations people had for it. This makes it a movie little better than the average ones. Initially, the film was planned for release on 24th July 2020 but had to be postponed for months and was finally released around Halloween. The film was released on 30th October 2020 in the United States. The film was directed by Jacob Chase. The film has a running time of 96 minutes and was developed on a budget of 9 million dollars. The film has been doing fairly well compared to other films.

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