Top theories about This is Us’ Hai you must know

Not a lot is but recognized about Hai from This Is Us’ fifth season. Listed below are some potential concepts as to who he’s.

Followers had been excited when This Is Us lastly returned for its fifth season in late October 2020. 

One of many largest questions referring to that storyline is the mysterious Vietnamese man named Hai, who first seems within the episode “Modifications” alongside his younger granddaughter Linh. It is presumed he has some tie to Randall’s organic mom Laurel; however, how? Who’s he? Listed below are some theories to mull over, whereas ready for season 5 to renew.

He Was Married To Laurel

The obvious principle is that he was as soon as married to Laurel, who did not really die, as William had thought. The digicam panned to a photograph of the person when Hai was youthful, embracing a lady who seems to be rather a lot like Laurel, with the idea being that it’s her.

Nevertheless, she will be Linh’s grandmother. What little woman, in spite of everything, has no concept who her grandmother is, even when the lady is now deceased? However, she may very well be somebody he dated earlier than he settled down along with her grandmother.

He Dated Laurel

Relatively than marriage, it may simply be that he dated Laurel, they had been the proper couple, and she or he turned the “one which acquired away.” Whether it is certainly her within the pictures, she’s older than she was when she had Randall and was courting William; however, a lot youthful than she could be within the current day.

It is potential that she survived, moved on to try to rebuild her life and get sober, and sooner or later, met Hai. They dated, however, by no means settled down, and now she has returned. Or maybe she handed on, and he by no means fairly acquired over her.

They Have been Pals

Followers robotically gravitate in the direction of romance, but it surely’s potential they had been actually shut buddies and confidants as an alternative of lovers. That embrace may have been a completely platonic one. The Show isn’t any stranger to time jumps, but it surely’s confirmed that he exists within the present time interval since he noticed Randall’s viral video.

Perhaps she left the USA and settled in Vietnam, the place she met Hai, and he helped her by the troublesome instances in her life, together with coping with leaving a boyfriend and child behind.

He Was With Her Pal

The producers may very well be completely messing with followers, and the lady within the photograph is not Laurel in any respect; however, somebody solely totally different. May she be somebody who was associated with William? A mutual pal of each of them?

It is simple to leap to conclusions; however, Hai’s connection to William, Laurel, and/or Randall may very well be fully outdoors of him figuring out or having been in love with Laurel.

He Was Her Sponsor

One of many solely logical causes to elucidate why Laurel by no means looked for her son could be that she needed to deal with her personal well being and well-being to get higher earlier than she may even take into account attempting to deal with another person. It is also solely believable that she was despatched to jail and could not search for Randall even when she wished to.

Perhaps as soon as launched, she went to a different state and even nation, met this man who was going by one thing related, and he acted as her sober sponsor. They developed a deep connection, therefore the loving {photograph}.

He Knew Jack

Hai is from Vietnam, and it may possibly be coincidental on the condition that that is the place Jack fought within the battle alongside his brother Nicky. Is it potential that the person’s connection is to Jack and to not Randall?

He could be across the identical age Jack could be if he had been nonetheless alive, so it is solely potential that Jack discovered Laurel was nonetheless alive, stored it a secret simply as Rebecca did about William, and despatched her to a previous pal from Vietnam who he knew would assist her. It is a stretch, but it surely’s potential.

He is A Religious Healer

Perhaps the lady within the photograph has nothing to do with Randall and that story. 

In that sense, the lady within the photograph may very well be only a misdirection, a random one who has nothing to do with something. However, maybe the place a connection lies is within the man with the ability to assist Randall’s work by points referring to his organic and adoptive fathers, not his start mom.

He is A Psychic

This one is far-fetched; however, what if Hai is a psychic who feels as if the spirit of William has been talking to him. Maybe William visited this man from past the grave and launched himself. When Hai heard Randall say the title “William Hill” within the video, he put two-and-two collectively and realized he had to assist the spirit get closure along with his son.

As for the lady within the photograph, perhaps Hai did occur to know Laurel sooner or later, and because of this, William’s spirit felt that he could be the particular suitable person to strategy for assist, even when he is midway internationally.

He is Tied To The Vietnamese Girl

Bear in mind within the episodes when the reality was revealed about Nicky? Jack had been pleased with a Vietnamese girl, going out of his manner to assist her and her son. The son ended up getting killed by chance by Nicky; however, did the lady produce other youngsters?

Maybe her different youngster, or a baby she had later, is the daddy of Linh and Hai was the Vietnamese girl’s husband. Would it not loopy if everything went full circle like that? It would not clarify how Randall’s mother ties into all of it. Nevertheless, it’s a principle nonetheless.

The Vietnamese Girl Was His Spouse 

It there looks as if there may very well be an extra story to Jack and his relationship with the Vietnamese girl when he was combating within the battle. As followers acquired to see, he helped her and her son keep protected, and she or he gave him a valuable necklace that he finally gave to Kevin.

Is it potential that Jack began up a romantic relationship with this girl that resulted in a baby he wasn’t conscious he had? And perhaps Hai was her husband at the time that she had an affair? Thus, Linh, Hai’s granddaughter, may really be Jack’s granddaughter. It is one of many extra out-there theories; however, with this Show, something is feasible.

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