Selena Season 2 will shift the direction more to the Pop Star’s Ascension

Uttering the word “Selena” from your mouth will probably fill your mind with the opening beats of “Como La Flor,” the Tejano singer’s renowned ballad. Selena Quintanilla’s legacy has been greatly explored in the commendable documentaries, movies, podcasts, or Netflix Show. Its 1st part was premiered on 04/12/2020 and surely guaranteed a second season too.

Selena’s first part had a full focus on Selena’s teenage years, thereby featuring the lesser-known biographical style moments and details. “Being nerve-racking, as there were less footage for me to especially base my performance on. But at the same time, it seems pretty relaxing as I got my liberty. People are not yet aware of that version of Selena quite much.” says star Christian Serratos who has played Selena.

Selena Season 2

Serratos, aka Selena in the series, rose to fame in Twilight and The Walking Dead, thereby saying she will probably have the opposite problem. The second part will especially offer a lot more of the icon, says Serratos. Moreover, she had a lot more to base the particular performance, but it was nerve cracking also as people know about Selena so well.

The second season of “Selena”: Guaranteed and already commenced filming


The second season has already commenced, whereas its filming started in Northern Baja, California, in 2020. Ricardo Chavira, who is playing the role of Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla, the on-screen representation of Latinx culture and its commitment towards employing the Latinx creators, crew, and actors is purely meaningful. According to Border Report by Baja California labor officials that Selena has already worked to create around 600 jobs in a particular region.

When will the show “Selena” release?

Netflix hasn’t announced yet that when will the second part of Selena: The Series is coming out. However, also considering the filming already has begun, according to some news, this show will be released in 2021.

Are you expecting to see the same cast in Selena’s Season 2?

Certainly, its same cast will come back to carry out the story well of Selena’s tragically little life. Tejano Music’s Queen was killed at just the age of 23 by Yolanda Saldivar, the woman who perfectly managed Selena’s fan club and the boutiques.

Some of the main cast members are such as Ricardo Chavira (Abraham Quintanilla), Noemí Gonzalez (Suzette Quintanilla), Jesse Posey (Chris Perez), and most importantly, Christian Serratos as Selena.

It’s finale episode sets up a hefty drama in the Quintanilla household. Chris Perez(Jesse Posey) and Selena, who are the band guitarist, commence a secret relationship. So, when Abraham finds this out, he is more livid and kicks Chris out of his van. Many attempts of Abraham is to break up Chris and Selena just for naught. This real couple eloped all against the Quintanilla family’s wishes and were also together in the year 1995. Surely, there will be an elopement that will be depicted in the second season.

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