Doors of Stone Release Date

When is Patrick Rothfuss’s Doors of Stone Releasing? Revealed

If you are a book lover, especially a Heroic Fantasy book, then you have probably heard about The Kingkiller Chronicle. This book has released a couple of books, divided into chapters and now the third and final chapter of the book, also known as Doors of Stone. Has been in a Hiatus for a while. Fans have been waiting for its release. But each time, ever since 2014, the release date for the book was being postponed and it is still not yet released as of date.

Here we will be looking at Doors of Stone release date and all the latest information you would need to know about the book. The previous books have been published by DAW Books and they revolve around Kvothe, who is an adventurer and a musician. The books are written by Patrick Rothfuss, and the books take a narrative story from a third-person perspective telling the story of Kvothe.

A total of two volumes have been released on the series so far. The first volume which is known as The Name of the Wind was released back in 2007 and later in 2011 the second volume that is also known as The Wise Man’s Fear was released. The first volume received very good reviews and made good sales and was a smash hit in The New York Times.

When Is Doors of Stone Official Release Date

Doors of Stone will be released on 20 August 2020. Now it has been almost seven years since the draft of Doors of Stone was revealed by Rothfuss. Back then the followers of the book though that it won’t take long for the book to be released. But as time goes, it looks like the author of the book has encountered some obstacles as the book is about to be released later in August.

The storyline for Doors of Stone will be more than just a traveling adventure for the main character Kvothe. To make things more interesting, the plot will not only be fixed to a single city but will be taking place in a three-part city. In the interview that the author had, he teased the readers and revealed the spoilers in the book. He revealed that Kvothe will be an innkeeper and whilst there, he will meet his future apprentice bast.

This will be the last book in the series and it will likely give us an ending to the entirety of the story. So anything that is not yet made clear in the first two books will then be wrapped up in this one. Since the release date is next month, let us wait to see how things will be by then. As for now, we can only wait to see how it goes

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