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Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date – New Season Goes On Air

The very aura of anime is the inanimated adaptation of its manga form which makes the very content of the more interesting and thrilling to watch. Over the years we have seen and received some of the most amazing anime titles which have been adapted from their parent manga. One such series is Strike The Blood and in this article, we are going to talk about its fourth season and details related to it.

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Strike The Blood is a Japanese novel series written by Gakuto Mikumo. The manga adaptation began its publishing in June 2012 through ASCII Media Works. An anime version was also produced and derived from the manga. The first season constituted 24 episodes which represented the first two volumes of the manga. Similarly, consecutive volume sets of the manga were projected in the following seasons.

Strike The Blood

The anime version is written by Hiroyuki Yoshino and has been directed by Takao Sano and Hideyo Yamamoto. It has been produced by Silver Link Studios and Connect Studios.

Strike The Blood Season 4 Release Date

Strike The Blood Season 4 has begun its airing from 8th April 2020 and was supposed to continue till 30th June 2021. But the broadcast had to be paused due to the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide. Only four episodes of the season have been released so far and there is no exact date that has been dropped which will reinitiate the continuous streaming of the season.

Season 1 of Strike The Blood came out on 25th November 2015 and aired till 25th December 2015. Season 2 came out on 23rd November 2016 and aired till 24th May 2017. Season 3 aired from 19th December 2018 to 25th September 2019.

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Strike The Blood Season 4 plot?

The story is set on an island named Itogami Island. This is a man-made island and is inhabited by demons and monsters. The main protagonist of the story is Kojo Akatsuki, who is a teenaged boy turned vampire. He is suspected of being the Fourth Progenitor who is a powerful vampire threatening enough to disrupt the balance of power among the other three progenitors. Before becoming a vampire he was an ordinary high school student. He keeps his powers suppressed and is hesitant to use them as he finds it hard to control them. To help him properly use his powers a neophyte sword Shaman named Yukina Himeragi steps in. Thus they become friends and join forces to protect their city from the enemies.

In this show, the character Yumika Himeragi teaches Kojo how to use his powers.

In the previous season, we saw that Kojo was invited to attend a ceremony. He was invited by princess Sardina herself. To keep her honor, Kojo arrives at the palace where the ceremony was in procession. Suddenly Kojo encounters that the palace is being attacked by some strange creatures. It seems quite obvious that in Season 4 we will get to see how Kojo saves princess Sardina from the creatures and investigates as to what caused the attack and who was behind it.


The series claimed the title of weekly best-selling Japan’s animation DVD where each compilation from all of its three volumes, were sold over 1000 copies. The Blu-ray disc versions were sold over 4000 copies per volume. IMDb has rated the series at 7.1/10 and has marked it at 7.2/10.


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