Netflix Released the First Trailer of Away Tv Series

The much-awaited trailer of the Netflix original titled, ‘Away’ has finally been dropped as the day of release is near. Judging from what the trailer depicts, the series is going to take bring into limelight, a more diverse team of astronauts, something that we don’t typically get to see in space films, while not leaving behind the need to showcase the hardships involved in the job, both mentally as well as emotionally. The reason that makes the show different— is the fact that it not only focuses on the exciting challenges that Astronauts face while conquering the space, but also examines the drama and tension created by the events taking place back home. Prior to the release of the official trailer, Netflix had released a short teaser of the series, which is also available to be watched. You can watch the official trailer here to have a brief picture of the storyline, acting and direction of the show.

The series is scheduled to get out on Netflix on September 4, 2020 on Netflix. All the people having the subscription rights to the streaming platform, you can watch all the episodes of the series there on the above mentioned date. In the United States, the series will be dropped from midnight, while in the UK, the viewers will have to wait till eight in the morning on the same day to watch the episodes. Here is the list of episodes of the series along with their titles—

  • Episode 1: Go
  • Episode 2: Negative Return
  • Episode 3: A Little Faith
  • Episode 4: Excellent Chariots
  • Episode 5: Half the Sky
  • Episode 6: Space Dogs
  • Episode 7: Half the Sky
  • Episode 8: Spektr
  • Episode 9: Vital Signs
  • Episode 10: Home
Netflix's Away Trailer Release
A Still from Netflix’s Away

The important characters of the series include Emma Green, played by Hilary Swank, who will be an American astronaut and former Navy pilot; Matt Logan, played by Josh Charles, the NASA engineer whose wife is Emma Green; Alexis Logan, played by Talitha Bateman, the 15-years-old daughter of Emma and Natt; Misha Popov, played by Mark Ivanir, the Russian cosmonaut as well as engineer on the mission accompanying Emma Green; Dr. Kwesi Weisberg – Abban, played by Ato Essandoh, the British citizen from Ghana and a world-renowned botanist; Ram Arya, played by Ray Panthaki, the Indian Air Force fighter pilot; Lu Wang, played by Vivian Wu, the Chinese chemist and astronaut; Melissa Ramirez, played by Monique Curnen, a former astronaut playing the role of Emma’s Crew Support Astronaut.

Away Storyline

The American science fiction drama series, follows the story of the astronaut, Emma Green, who serves to guide an international squad on the mission to Mars for the first time. However, before that, she must put together her decision to abandon her husband played by Josh Charles and her teenage daughter played by Talitha Bateman at a time when her presence is needed the most. As the story gains momentum, their personal dynamics and the result of leaving their loved ones behind on Earth begin to get increasingly complicated. The series glorifies the theme of sacrifice, hope, and humanity.

Created by Andrew Hinderaker, the series is Executive Produced by Jessica Goldberg, who is also the showrunner, along with Matt Reeves, Jason Katims, Andrew Hinderaker, Hilary Swank, Edward Zwick, Adam Kassan and Jeni Mulein under the production house of True Jack Productions, Universal Television and 6th & Idaho.

People who have liked the teaser are currently waiting to watch if Emma and her crew succeeds in surviving the mission to Mars and if they can come back to the Earth safely and reunite with their families.

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