Golden Kamuy Season 3 Promo Video Reveals Release Date Scheduled for October 5!

Golden Kamuy, the anime adaptation of the popular Japanese manga with the same name by Satoru Noda. The anime has aired 2 seasons, as of now with 12 episodes each. It covers up the genre, Action, Adventure, Historical, and Seinen. The first and the second season of this anime has been animated by Studio Geno. And, it seems the third season is being animated under the same studio.

In this post, we have included everything you need to know about the 3rd season of Golden Kamuy including the release date, spoilers, promotional video, staff members, and a lot more. So without any further ado, let us get started with the updates on Golden Kamuy Season 3 –

Golden Kamuy So Far –

Since the anime covers up a classical Historical Adventurous story, fans loved how the plot progressed. The anime aired its first season in 2018 followed by the second season in Fall 2018, and then later on Golden Kamuy released a series of OVA in 2019. Fans were expecting a new season in late 2019s. However, that wasn’t possible due to unknown reasons. Whatsoever, the anime studio has recently announced the completion of the production of Golden Kamuy Season 3. In addition, we also have a release date for this show now.

Season 1 –

The first season entirely focuses on the concept of war and survival. The anime’s plot progresses as if it were an old historical anecdote. The plot further introduces, Sugimoto the survivor of the Russo-Japanese war. The entire plot revolves around the war survivor and his adventures.

Season 2 –

The second season for this show was quickly announced. It must have been the mass popularity this anime received from the fans. This season continues things at the same pace as season 1. However, it’s safe to say, the second season is the more refined and detailed version of the first season. With a proper balance between action and comedy in adventures. Season 2 fills up some gaps that we didn’t realize were missing in the first season.

Golden Kamuy Season 3 –

The most awaited anime continuation for the year is nowhere. The website for the third season of the anime franchise revealed that the anime will be premiering on Tokyo MX, Sapporo TV, YTV, and BS11 starting 5 October 2020. The anime will also be made available for stream on Fuji on demand. Later on, the anime also released a new promo video for Golden Kamuy Season 3, including the show’s artists as well as the release date.

The anime will have an opening song called, “Grey” and the ending song is called “Melted Snow”. Here is the promo video for the 3rd Season of Golden Kamuy –

Overall, there are no changes in the staff from the previous seasons.

The anime is based on the popular Japanese manga written and illustrated by Sator Noda. The manga got its license for English release by Viz media in 2016 followed by an anime adaptation in 2018. The third season for this show is scheduled for October 5, 2020.

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