The OA Season 3 Confirmation Status

Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, The OA which stands for Only Angel, has successfully marked its territory in the hearts of the spectators with just two seasons. If you are wandering if there will be a third season or not, you are on the right path. We will be directing you to all the required details that you need to know about The OA Season 3.

The show has been executive produced by Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Kleiner, Michael Sugar, Blair Fetter, Dede Gardner, Sarah Esberg, Alison Engel, and Nina Wolarsky under the production house of Plan B Entertainment and Anonymous Content.

The OA Season 3 Release Date

The third season of The OA has officially been cancelled by Netflix, as announced in August, 2019. However, there is still a little hope that Netflix might reconsider their decision since the second season did not receive a proper ending and the loyal fans are really disappointed with it. The first season of the series was released on December 16, 2016 on Netflix with eight episodes in all. It was renewed for a sequel on February 8, 2017 and finally the whole season was dropped on March 22, 2019. Originally, the show was planned to have five seasons in all, but was cancelled even though it had favourable critical reception, and was praised for directions, acting, and visuals.

The OA Season 3 Release
The OA Season 3

The show’s cancellation was not taken up in a positive way by the fans. Twitter was flooded with SaveTheOA and #TheOAisReal on Twitter and the fans even signed a number of petitions to bring the show back. Moreover, some of the fans also posted videos of themselves while performing to the steps from the show, and raised money for Times Square’s digital billboard. Although the love and support from the fans were appreciated by the shoemakers, they haven’t changed their decision yet.

Here is the trailer of the second season of the show. You can watch it here in case you haven’t already.

The OA Season 3 Plot and Cast

The American mystery drama web series containing supernatural elements of fantasy, and science fiction that revolves around Prairie Johnson, a young woman who reappears after having been absent for seven long years. Living with the name ‘The OA,’ Prairie can now see, in spite of having been devoid of vision before she disappeared. The story also focuses on how she assembles a group of five locals having a teacher and four of the high school students in order to rescue the other missing people who are stuck in a different dimension, which can be done by opening a portal to it.

The show has casted a large number of artists, including— Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson or The OA, Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson, playing the role of Prairie’s non-biological father; Alice Krige as Nancy Johnson, playing the role of Prairie’s non-biological mother; Emory Cohen as Homer Roberts, and Phyllis Smith as Betty Broderick-Allen. If the show returns, they are sure to reprise their roles in the upcoming season as well. Patrick Gibson in the character of Steve Winchell or Patrick Gibson, Brandon Perea as Alfonso Sosa, Brendan Meyer as Jesse Mills, Ian Alexander as Buck or Michelle Vu, Jason Isaacs playing the role of Hunter Aloysius Percy or Dr. Percy, Sharon Van Etten as Rachel DeGrasso, Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim Washington, Will Brill as Scott Brown, Paz Vega as Renata Duarte, and Chloe Levine as Angie have also been part of the series.

The show also featured a number of guests including Zoey Todorovsky as Nina Azarova, playing the role of a young Prairie Johnson; Nikolai Nikolaeff as Roman Azarov, playing as Nina’s father; Zachary Gemino as Carlos Sosa, playing the role of Alfonso’s brother; Riz Ahmed as Elias Rahim, casted as an FBI trauma counselor, Melora Walters as Melody, Liz Carr as Marlow Rhodes, Vincent Kartheiser as Pierre Ruskin, and Irène Jacob as Élodie.

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