Barakamon Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers and Everything We Know So Far!

Barakamon is a story of young Seishuu Handa, who wants to be a great calligrapher. Barakamon is a Comedy, Slice of Life produced by VAP, Nippon Television Network. Seishuu Handa is young, handsome, talented, and, unfortunately, a narcissist boy, he quickly loses his temper. One day in an award show, when the director says something to Handa’s artwork, he loses his temper and punches the director in his face.

As a punishment of punching the director Seishuu Handa punish him and, as a punishment, exiles him to the Goto Islands. The reason behind banishing him to the Goto Islands is sending him far from all the Tokyo comforts, changing his lifestyle, and cooling off his head. But the main reason behind sending Seishuu Handa to Goto Island is different for his father, which we get to know later in the series.

On Goto Island, Seishuu Handa meets new people, and the person who never opens up to anyone suddenly makes some new friends. Seishuu Handa thinks that he will get some peace on the island, and then maybe he can get some inspiration, but Goto Island is far from peaceful. But soon Seishuu Handa gets his inspection. Barakamon is a series that not only makes you laugh, but you will also learn some great life lessons from it.

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Barakamon Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the Barakamon war aired in July 2014, and the last episode came out in September 2014. There are a total of 12 episodes. Barakamon got a rating of 8.4 on My Anime List and 8.2 on IMDb. Barakamon has a spin-off series and the source material for season 2 is quite limited as of now.

Satsuki Yoshino doesn’t produce more material, and it’s highly unlikely that a new original season for ‘Barakamon’ will be released. But as per our sources, the production of the series might soon be starting with the available source material available. We can expect to see the new season bt the nid of 2022. As for the spin-off series, it is also considered as a successor, or we can also say predecessor to the original anime. But this is a matter of the debate that it is the part of the original series or not.

Barakamon Season 2 release date
Barakamon Still

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Barakamon Main Characters

Barakamon has 2 main Characters:

  • Seishu Handa: Seishu Handa is the protagonist of the story, and he is the professional calligrapher. Seishu Handa is a passionate, handsome, talented, young man.
  • Naru Kotoishi: Naru Kotoishi is a 7-year-old girl. Naru Kotoishi is also the neighbor of the young Seishu Handa on Gota Island. Naru Kotoishiirritates him to the best of her abilities but eventually develops a powerful bond with Handa.

Where to Watch Barakamon

You can watch Barakamon on Funimation and Amazon Prime, in English dub, and if you want to watch it with subtitles, you can find it on Crunchyroll.

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