One Piece Manga on a Break: Hiatus Reason Said to be Sudden Illness of Author!

One Piece manga and anime are currently undergoing the Wano Kuni arc. This arc is said to be one of those arcs that the creator is personally looking forward to creating big. And, so far, fans are enjoying the storyline this arc has to offer. This year brought many delays to the manga and anime industry due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, to us One Piece fans, this might be the worst year of all. Why? You might ask. Well, this year, we have hardly got any chapters. Moreover, the anime went on a hiatus too, after episode 930. Also, this is not the first time Eichiro Oda has fallen ill.

In an interview, the author said that he wishes to make One Piece reach 1000 chapters before the end of this year, i.e., 2020. However, with the ongoing health concerns of Eichiro Oda, it now seems really hard to reach the target. Well, this is something we can not precisely complain about since we as fans wish for the author’s recovery and good health. However, the suspense is undoubtedly killing us. The final battle of this Wano Kuni arc, Luffy and others’ new bounties Wano arc, and many other plot twists that we have no idea about, is something that all fans are looking forward to seeing.

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One Piece Manga Hiatus – 2020

One Piece Wano Arc Scene
One Piece Wano Arc Scene

As per a recent statement coming from the Weekly Shonen Jump, it has been confirmed that the One Piece manga will be undergoing a two-week-long hiatus. The reason is said to be the author’s sudden illness. The manga will be returning with a new chapter on 16th October 2020. Twitter user SpoilerGuy, posted about the same a while ago too. However, an official announcement dropped only a little while ago –

ONE PIECE was formerly planned to be in this Issue 44 of Weekly Shonen Jump, but they couldn’t execute it due to time restrictions. It will continue in Issue #46 with a Cover & Lead Color Page of Weekly Shonen Jump. The official website for Manga Plus and Viz media added this on their website back on 29th September. Here is the tweet. It is sporadic for a creator like Oda to take breaks. But, considering the numerous amount of breaks, he is taking this year. He must have been really sick. As fans of this man’s masterpiece, we must all wish for his recovery.

One Piece is a popular Japanese manga that is one of the Big three. Every great word might not seem like a good enough word to explain this series. Yet, here is quick info about the series – The manga is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. And it has been a part of Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997. So far, the manga is the best selling one, breaking records all around the globe. You can read the manga online onΒ Viz.

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