My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date and Expected Storyline

The loyal fans of My Hero Academia must be glad to know that we will get a new season soon. Of course, we knew that a new season is under process, but we surely didn’t expect the news to get announced this soon. We don’t complain, though! So let’s get started with the information of the fifth season of the Japanese manga-inspired fantasy anime ‘My Hero Academia.’

The protagonist’s role is amazingly portraited as we get to witness major character development throughout the series, which is really inspiring. The cast somehow manages to reflect themselves as someone from our own life, partially though, since some of the facts are far good to be true, and seem like real teenagers.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is scheduled to premiere sometime in April 2021. It is improbable that the Coronavirus pandemic will be affecting the production of the series anyhow, since the show is an animated one and the showmakers can work from home, avoiding any delay. The season will comprise 25 episodes, covering the chapters ranging from 194 to 255, from the manga.

The anime first premiered with thirteen episodes, on April 3, 2016, on MBS, TBS, and other JNN stations in Japan, while the second season aired from April 1, 2017, on NTV and YTV. The third season was broadcasted from April 7, 2018, while the fourth and the latest one came out on October 12, 2019, with the last three seasons comprising 25 episodes each. Later, in May 2018, the anime began to air it’s episodes in English, on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block in the USA, and Animax Asia in SEA.

You can watch all the episodes of the series on Crunchyroll along with English subtitles for free. Earlier this month, on October 3, 2020, the fifth season’s first teaser was released on YouTube announcing its existence. You can take a sneak peek at it for a better image of the view.

The show casts Christopher R. Sabat as the voice artist for All Might or Toshinori Yagi’s character, Justin Briner for Izuku Midoriya’s character, Clifford Chapin for Katsuki Bakugō’s character, Colleen Clinkenbeard for Momo Yaoyorozu’s character, David Matranga for Shōto Todoroki’s character, J. Michael Tatum for Tenya Iida, Justin Cook for Eijirō Kirishima, Luci Christian for Ochaco Uraraka, and Monica Rial for Tsuyu Asui.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Expected Storyline

Around the end of season 4, we witnessed Izuku stuck inside an energy field, but fortunately, it was just a dream— but this can’t just mean nothing, right? For those who do not know yet, Izuku is the protagonist of the show, who, initially, is a boy living in a world where everyone has some superpowers, except for him. However, he is determined to get himself enrolled in a prestigious hero academy in order to learn the meaning of being a hero.

In the first episode of the season, we are going to witness recap or fillers just like the previous seasons, while the second episode will complete the Pro Hero Arc, as the anime has not shown some of the scenes from the manga. The anime version has been recreating parts from the manga since the very beginning, and the fans believe that the upcoming season will focus more on the manga counterpart.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Release
My Hero Academia Promotional Picture

Izuku is still far from developing any real power, let alone excelling in them. He will probably have to go through a distinctive sort of training to improve his abilities. Moreover, All Might is close to getting retired— therefore, we might see the heroes striving hard to be efficient enough to replace All Might.

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