Starbucks Holiday Coffee Cups for 2020 Release Date, and Updates

Get ready for the festive season along with a brand new line of Holiday Cups from Starbucks, ready-to-drink favorites, and returning at-home coffees. Starbucks recently shared a glimpse of a few new products that you should start looking forward to.

The new reusable coffee cups of Starbucks, though, hasn’t received a release date. It seems like they will be sold old soon due to the high demand. In all probability, the Holiday Coffee Cup line will be hitting the shelves before Christmas, this year, as Starbucks has already begun their countdown of 90 days before Christmas, back in September, revealing their line of festive reusable cups, shimmering cold cups, iridescent tumblers, mugs, festive Starbucks cards, and sleek water bottles which will be available to buy in Canada and the U.S. The products can be purchased at licensed and company-operated Starbucks stores, ranging from $12.95 to $27.95 each.

Here are the glimpses of a few of the many Cups which will be a part of the new holiday line. Take a sneak peek at them:

Glitter Pink Swirl Cold Cup 24 oz

Glitter Pink Swirl from Starbucks
Glitter Pink Swirl Cold Cup

This double-walled cup, which will be available for $18.95, is designed in such a way that will keep our beverages cool, holding 24-ounces, along with featuring a red, green, and pink swirl. This can be an attractive option for people obsessed with pink.

Pink Grid Cold Cup 24 oz

Pink Grid from Starbucks
Pink Grid Cold Cup

Priced at $19.95, these cups hold a little similarity with people’s favorite, Starbucks’ Bling Cold Cups. Designed with a grid-like texture, in an eye-catching hue of pink, they can hold up to 24oz of the drink.

Iridescent Tumbler 20 oz

Iridescent from Starbucks
Iridescent Tumbler

Made up of high-gloss stainless steel, the bottles will reflect the rainbow colors when the light will hit the tumbler at various angles. Priced at $27.95, holding 20-ounces, they are worth adding to your shelf.

Pearl Ombre Tumbler 8 oz

Pearl Ombre Tumbler from Starbucks
Pearl Ombre Tumbler

To be available for $16.95, the 8-ounces Pearl Ombre Tumbler is a small but perfectly sized tumbler featuring the festive green and red colors, making it a cute little holiday cup.

Purple Water Bottle 20 oz

Purple Water Bottle from Starbucks
Purple Water Bottle

This stylish and minimalist water bottle, made out of stainless steel has the capacity of 20oz, featuring a sparkly purple hue. These will be available in company-operated stores at a price of $24.95.

Luster Swirl Mug 12 oz

Luster Swirl Mug from Starbucks
Luster Swirl Mug

With a capacity of 12-ounces, this small but stylish ceramic mug is best for relaxing with hot coffee in it. The mug is designed in a shiny rainbow finish, along with a swirly texture. They will be available at $12.95.

Though hot beverages are preferred to the iced ones during winter, there are still people out there who worship cold beverages even if they are freezing. Luckily, Starbucks has given many options for us to choose from, in bright lustrous colors. The best part is that they are reusable, which means we can surely use them during the Valentine season and still appear classy.