Tower of God Season 2: Will season 2 ever happen?

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

The dark fantasy-action anime television series was loved by the audience globally, and ever since its premiere, fans of the show have been waiting to know when is season two of the series coming on board. The very well received series is based on a manhwa of the same name.

The manhwa has been written by S.I.U. and has been published by Young Com. The manhwa was released as a webtoon. The webtoon dates back to a decade ago when the manhwa started getting published on 30th June 2010. Up until 2020, four volumes of the manhwa have been published, which cover more than three hundred chapters. It also received English translations four years later in 2014.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date and Recent Updates

The popularity of the manhwa increased, and a mobile game was also created based on the webtoon. The Tower of God also received its own merchandise.

Tower of God season 2 anime release date
Bam, the protagonist of Tower of God

However, the manhwa was not continued after the 4th volume, as the writer complained about health issues. There are no further comments about the manhwa series.

At this point, the fans of the anime series are very much concerned about the future of the anime series.

Is there a second season of Tower of God?

The anime television series premiered in South Korea, followed by its premiere in Japan. The series aired from 1st April 2020 to 24th June 2020. Crunchyroll premiered the Japanese broadcast version of the anime series at the same time.

With the end of season two, fans wonder if we will get a sequel to the first series. With the series ending just a couple of months ago, it is too early to say anything. Anime television series usually take more time to get renewed and get officially announced.

No official announcements have been made regarding the release of the second season of the series. However, fans are expecting season two to happen because the first season has not covered manhwa’s entire happenings, and a lot yet remains to be explored.

Tower of God season 2 anime release date
The climax of season one of Tower of God

When is season two coming out?

Tower of God has no official season two release date yet, but that does not stop fans from speculating and reaching a probable release date of the next season.

The hope for a new season is supported by the availability of a story to continue the series and the room left to continue the series by the ending of season one. Some speculations suggest that the series could be back by the mid of 2021, while the date can be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

The plot of Tower of God

The story revolves around a boy who has been trapped beneath a very mysterious tower. He has a friend Rachel to his aid, but he is devastated when she enters the tower. Somehow, the boy named Twenty-fifth Bam enters the tower and starts his journey to find Rachel and climb up the tower. The people who enter the tower are made to face various obstacles as they climb up. If they win, their wishes are granted.