Lightbox, Altitude set ‘Diana’ documentary set for Theatrical Release in 2022

lightbox, altitude set 'Diana' documentary for 2022 theatrical release

The United States-based production company ‘Lightbox’ and the United Kingdom-based sales agent and distribution company, Altitude have announced the theatrical release of the upcoming documentary about Princess Diana. ‘Diana’ will be the first theatrical release of a documentary about Princess Diana. The documentary is set to mark the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana. A worldwide release of the documentary is set to take place for Princess ‘Diana’. The royalty, Princess Diana, who died at the age of 36, is nearing her 25th death anniversary. The documentary will show us some unseen moments of her life to get to know more about the princess.

lightbox, altitude set 'Diana' documentary for 2022 theatrical release
Princess Diana

When is the documentary getting released?

The production and distribution companies have set up a date in summer 2022 for a theatrical release of the documentary about Princess Diana. Although the Princess’s story has been told a number of times, yet the makers want to frame it well for the modern audience and re-tell the story to the audience in a fresh manner.

Where would be the documentary ‘Diana’ be available to watch?

Viewers will be able to watch the documentary also on HBO as ‘Diana’ will have its television premiere on HBO. The documentary will also stream on HBO Max in the United States. In the United Kingdom, the documentary will premiere on Sky Documentaries. The distributor, Altitude Film Distributor, will premier the documentary in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What will all be featured in the documentary?

As it is already known that the documentary is about Princess Diana, the documentary will focus on creating a record of the life of Princess Diana. The documentary is aimed at being made of only archives. This makes the documentary special as we will be seeing cut down of thousands of hours of footages featuring the Princess, a huge number of new reports, and some hidden and unseen pieces of clips and photographs that have yet managed to stay unseen by the common people,

On the 25th death anniversary of Princess Diana, we will be seeing some very important moments of her life and portray the record of an extremely strong personality and a true person for the audience. The makers plan to showcase an honest portrayal of the short life that Princess Diana lived.

About the documentary

Ed Perkins, who got nominated for an Oscar for his work in Black Sheep, is directing the documentary. He told the audience that he plans to record Princess Diana’s life in a fresh and relevant manner where the audience can watch the documentary even though the story of Princess Diana has been relayed a number of times.

lightbox, altitude set 'Diana' documentary for 2022 theatrical release
Princess Diana

The founders of Lightbox have said that they want to portray a very honest image of Princess Diana, at least as much as possible. They want the audience to understand the Princess and the era she belonged to, and the effects caused by both on each other.

The director of Altitude Film Distributions believes that the story of Princess Diana is a global one, and it will never get too old to tell. He is looking forward to the documentary to be embraced by the audience.