Upload Season 2 Might Arrive Late: All You Need to Know

upload season 2 release date

Upload is a recent American science fiction comedy-drama television series that premiered on Amazon’s Prime Video service. Greg Daniels creates the science fiction series. The first season of the series consisted of 10 episodes available on Prime Video for the audience to watch.

Upload is executive produced by Greg Daniels and Howard Klein. The series was mainly shot in Vancouver.

upload season 2 release date

The series was well-received by the audience, and it also received generally favorable reviews from the critics. The series gained a huge number of fans as soon as it was released.

The season two hype for Upload has been high. Here is everything that you need to know about Upload season two.

Is Upload Season 2 happening?

The first set of 10 episodes came out on 1st May 2020 on Prime Video. As soon as viewers watched the series, they began questioning about the second season of the series.

The good news is that the second season is actually happening! Just a week after season 1’s premiering, it was announced that a second is definitely in the plans and will be delivered for the fans. This news came as a delight to them as now they bean looking for a release date.

When is Upload season two coming out?

The truth at this moment is that the coronavirus pandemic has made shooting the films and TV series quite tough. This is why Upload has no official update yet. As far as it is suspected, the series is still in the initial phase, with no official dates out yet.

We do not have any tentative date for the release of Upload season two, but it is true that expecting the series to return before 2022 can be a lot difficult.

Speculations remain speculations unless confirmed by the official sourced of Upload.

upload season 2 release date
Upload season one

The cast of Upload

Robbie Amell plays the role of Nathan Brown, a newly deceased computer programmer at the age of 27, who is uploaded to a digital afterlife called Lake View. Andy Allo plays the role of Nora Antony, who is a living woman handling Nathan’s digital afterlife. Allegra Edwards plays Ingrid Kannerman, who is Nathan’s girlfriend. Kevin Bigley plays the role of Luke, who is a former army corporal and friend of Nathan in the Lake View. Zainab Johnson plays the role of Aleesha, who is Luke’s handler in the digital afterlife.

Some other cast members include Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Owen Daniels, Chris Williams, Andrea Rosens, Christine Ko, and many more.

The Plot of Upload

Upload’s setting takes place in 2033, where now humans can upload themselves into a virtual afterlife of their own choice.

Nathan dies at a young age, and hence, he is uploaded to a very expensive afterlife. Eventually, he faces extreme control by his still-living girlfriend. Also, he begins to fall for her handler, Nora.

Nora also feels for Nathan as she struggles with her father’s possible death, refusing to be uploaded. Also, she starts suspecting that Nathan did not die but was murdered.