The Simpsons Season 32 – When will the popular sitcom return?

Simpsons season 32 release date

The thirty-second season of the top-rated animated sitcom series, The Simpsons is here, and fans are delighted with the news. The animated series has been going on for more than three decades and still manages to grab as many eyeballs as it did initially. Every episode of The Simpsons has a running time of 21-24 minutes. The episodes are aired weekly on the Fox network.

Simpsons season 32 release date
The Simpsons season 32

‘The Simpsons’ is one of the most popular animated sitcom series in existence. However, some critics suggest that the series has been decreasing in quality with the later seasons. The first ten or so seasons of ‘The Simpsons’ are treated as the Golden Age of the series, and since then, it has been getting mixed reviews.

The Simpsons Season 32 Release Date

The new season of The Simpsons was renewed on 6th February 2019 while the previous season was airing.

The thirty-second season of The Simpsons began premiering on 27th September 2020. Up until the time of writing this, four episodes of The Simpsons have been aired, and the 5th episode is already on its way.

Simpsons season 32 release date
The Simpsons season 32 episode 2

Although the coronavirus pandemic led to a delay in almost all of the television series and films, it couldn’t bother the production of The Simpsons much. This is the benefit of an animated series that does not demand an outdoor activity. Simpsons’ team members started working from home, and the series was perfectly ready in due time. Therefore, ‘The Simpsons’ is one of the very few pieces of content that did not get delayed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When is the next episode of The Simpsons airing?

The Simpsons have twenty episodes in total. Earlier twenty-nine issues of the new season were ordered, but this season will be having twenty-two episodes instead. The sixteenth episode of the season will mark the 700 episodes mark.

This season will have the 2020-2021 slot, and the episodes air every Sunday on Fox in the Animation Domination programming Block. One day after the release on Fox, the episodes will be made available on the platform Hulu.

Four episodes have aired till the first week of November, and the fifth episode titled ‘The 7 Beer Itch’ is all set for airing on 8th November 2020.

About ‘The Simpsons’ season 32

The animated sitcom series managed to get released amidst the coronavirus pandemic, which is a commendable job as doing the work at a normal pace has become next to impossible during this period.

Some changes were added to the series during this season. On 26th June 2020, it was announced that the series would not have a white actor voicing over the non-white character of Simpsons. Alex Desert was announced to be brought onboard on 24th September 2020 to voice over the character of Carl Carlson, replacing Azaria for the first episode of the new season. Also, on 11th October 2020, it was announced that Eric Lopez would be voicing over Bumblebee Man instead of Azaria. Shearer remains an exception to this decision as he still voices over the character of Dr. Hibbert, who is a black character.