Star Wars Fan Theory Hints At The Creation Of a New Jedi Order

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Ahsoka Tano and the Pressure-sensitive toddler Grogu could have survived the second destruction of the Jedi and created a New Jedi Order.

The Mandalorian season 2 concluded with Din Djarin sending Grogu away with Luke Skywalker to be skilled as a Jedi. However, he could find himself with Ahsoka once more, maybe beginning a brand new iteration of the Jedi Order along with her as nicely. The unique Star Wars continuity, the Expanded Universe (now referred to as Legends), had its personal New Jedi Order, however to date, its closest canon counterpart is Luke’s technology of Jedi referenced within the sequel trilogy. There are several reasons why this idea for canon is believable, together with why Grogu could return to Ahsoka’s guardianship and why it has to be the 2 of them, moderately than Luke, who create a brand new and improved Jedi Order.

In Legends, Luke is, for essentially the most half, the identical character seen in canon. The purpose of the place the two variations of Luke turn out to be vastly totally different is after the Jedi Return. The Legends model of Luke retains characterization that’s constant with his conduct and persona within the unique trilogy. Luke continues to develop and develop as he will get older. His many victories and failures instructed him to stay humble and redefine what it means to be a Jedi. Simply as Luke refused to observe a recommendation from the previous guard Jedi when he felt it was incorrect (as seen in Return of the Jedi), Luke in Legends takes this a step additional and creates the New Jedi Order, which is essentially totally different from the prequel-era Jedi Order.

Within the prequel trilogy, the Jedi Order is essentially disconnected from the galaxy’s folks, headquartered virtually actually in an ivory tower, and used as a Republic’s political device with virtually no oversight. Jedi have been taken from their households as infants and taught to suppress their feelings and have been forbidden from forming attachments or proudly owning possessions. In Ambush at Corellia, Mon Mothma and Luke talk about the previous Jedi Order’s issues and the way Luke intends to not repeat the identical errors together with his new Jedi Order. Luke’s New Jedi Order permits beings of any age to affix voluntarily. They’re inspired to dwell lives exterior of being Jedi and are allowed to personal possessions and have romantic relationships. Luke’s Jedi managed feelings as a substitute for suppressing them or being managed by them. Sadly, Luke’s canon model, regardless of his arc in Return of the Jedi, didn’t be taught from the Order’s errors (or his personal), and he rebuilt the Jedi, just for them to be practically destroyed by Ben Solo.

Luke Doesn’t Practice Grogu All The Means

There’s already sturdy proof that Grogu isn’t one among Luke’s college students by Ben Solo begins his Jedi coaching. In Star Wars: The Final Jedi, Luke states that he skilled Ben Solo and twelve different college students in his Jedi Temple. Many of the college students have been seen within the comedian collection The Rise of Kylo Ren, and all, however, Voe, Hennix, and Tai have been killed when Ben Solo destroyed the temple.

Grogu, after all, is likely one of The Mandalorian protagonists and appeared earlier than the comedian was revealed. From an out-of-universe perspective, it’s unlikely that he’d be killed unceremoniously and off-screen even when he was among the many few unseen apprentices of Luke’s at the time. Due to this (and the truth that he’d nonetheless be a toddler on the time of Ben’s flip to the darkish facet), Grogu wouldn’t have been totally skilled as a Jedi and thus might be one of many first members of the brand new iteration of the Jedi Order.

Grogu Requires Extra Consideration Than Luke Can Present

Grogu doesn’t age the identical method as most humanoids. Although he’s lived over 50 commonplace years, he’s, for all intents and functions, nonetheless a toddler. Due to this, Grogu requires much more time and care than a typical Jedi scholar. Furthermore, Grogu’s sluggish, getting old course implies that he’s more likely to stay a toddler for a very long time, necessitating fixed care and a focus for probably a long time.

In The Rise of Kylo Ren, Luke was the one instructing and watching over his college students (although Lor San Tekka sometimes joined him), so it’s unlikely that Luke may correctly prepare all of his college students and concurrently handle a Pressure-sensitive toddler. One chance is that Luke and Ahsoka have been co-leading the brand new technology of Jedi, and so they’d like every alternate between instructing the scholars and caring for Grogu. This additionally creates the chance that, if Luke and Ahsoka each consider {that a} new sort of Jedi Order could also be vital, Luke stays together with his college students and trains them as basic Jedi. In contrast, Ahsoka volunteers to lift Grogu as a part of the brand new iteration.

Ahsoka And Grogu Can Repair The Jedi In A Means Luke Can’t

As demonstrated by The Final Jedi, Luke, sadly, didn’t find himself breaking the previous Jedi Order cycle, nor did he be taught from his personal failures in his youth. Luke learns all he can play regarding the Jedi of previous and finally ends up repeating their errors as soon as once more, driving him into exile and melancholy. For that reason, Luke isn’t the particular suitable person to create a New Jedi Order that redefines the idea of Jedi, in contrast to his Legends counterpart.

Throughout his exile, Luke defined to Rey that the Jedi want to finish because of his perception that the establishment is ineffective at finest and worsens conflicts at worst. It’s doable that Luke, turning into conscious of the doable inadequacy of the Jedi Order throughout his rebuilding of them, ready a contingency within the type of Ahsoka and Grogu, tasking them with creating a brand new model of the Jedi no matter whether or not or not his reestablishment of the previous Order succeeds.

Ahsoka And Grogu Can Make A Extra Excellent Jedi OrderThenn again, Ahsoka was as soon as a prequel-era Jedi; however, they voluntarily left the Order throughout the Clone Wars after being framed for bombing the Jedi Temple. For essentially the most half, the Jedi Order had no religion in her and was desperate to forge her out of their ranks earlier than she was confirmed responsible. For the remainder of her life, Ahsoka grew to become an unaffiliated Pressure consumer who lived by her personal set of ethics and pointers. Just like the Legends model of Luke, Ahsoka is a humble, all the way down to Earth warrior, who would little doubt an extra emotionally wholesome and efficient model of the Order.

Ahsoka has additionally seen much more of the galaxy and the Pressure than the canon model of Luke. Having been to Mortis and the airplane often called the “World Between Worlds,” Ahsoka may probably educate Grogu extra of the Pressure than Luke may. If Lucasfilm needed to emulate the Marvel and DC multiverse tales, they might have Ahsoka go to the Legends universe through the World Between Worlds. There, she’d be taught about the unique Expanded Universe’s New Jedi Order from wiser Jedi like Mara Jade or the Legends model of Luke.

The Future Of Star Wars Wants A Greater Galaxy

Ahsoka beginning a New Jedi Order with Grogu permits them each to outlive Ben Solo’s destruction of Luke’s Jedi Temple (additional supported by Dave Filoni’s perception that Ahsoka is alive throughout Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). It’s additionally doable that Luke was in a roundabout way concerned in Ahsoka’s choice to create a brand new sort of Jedi with Grogu as, as soon as once more, a contingency. In this case, it might be a safeguard towards his Jedi Order failing and, besides, the opportunity of it being destroyed. After all, each of those actual fears does come to fruition, making the doable contingency a smart choice by Ahsoka and Luke. From an out of universe perspective, it permits Ahsoka and Grogu to probably embrace Rey of a New Jedi Order creation, and additional connecting The Mandalorian to the Skywalker Saga.

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