Aaron Rodgers Is ‘Extremely Happy’ in ‘Tornado Romance’ with Fiancée Shailene Woodley, Source Says

The Green Bay Packers quarterback reported his commitment to Shailene Woodley on February 6

The abrupt commitment of Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley has shocked everybody near them, including individuals who say that they never envisioned the 37-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback would fall head over heels so rapidly.

“This isn’t care for Aaron by any means,” says a source near Rodgers. “He’s normally so precise about everything. I’m not saying he’s not a sentimental, but rather he thoroughly considers things. He’s scientific. He is cautious. He didn’t appear to be the sort to get so genuine after only a couple a long time of dating, particularly after the manner in which things finished with Danica Patrick.”

Rodgers and previous race vehicle driver Patrick split in July of a year ago following two years together, Patrick’s rep affirmed to PEOPLE at that point. Woodley was last connected to rugby player Ben Volavola, yet uncovered that they had part in an April 2020 meeting with the New York Times.

In spite of the fact that Woodley and Rodgers began hobnobbing over the mid year, even those near the couple were stunned when the competitor reported his commitment while tolerating the NFL MVP grant on February 6.

“It was quick to such an extent that from the start, we thought she was only a bounce back,” says the source near Rodgers. “There was no chance this could be so genuine. Everybody thought it was something easygoing on the grounds that that is the thing that he was telling everybody, in any event, when it was plainly not something easygoing.”

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley’s ‘Shock’ Engagement Shows How ‘Exceptional’ Relationship Is: Source

For the present, a few has not given companions any insights concerning their impending wedding. “It’s an all out hurricane sentiment. … Nobody has gotten a ‘save the date’ card yet,” says the insider. “I’m certain they’ll make arrangements, however they’re truly hushing up about it for this moment. That is the reason this is such an amazement to everybody.”

However, the source discloses to PEOPLE that there’s no mixing up the delight that Woodley brings Rodgers.

“He’s acting exceptionally cheerful,” says the source. “They’re extremely content and tranquil. It’s ideal to see.”

Numerous sources as of late affirmed to PEOPLE that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and entertainer Shailene Woodley are dating

Aaron Rodgers is the 2020 MVP of the NFL — and he dropped some energizing news!

On Saturday, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, 37, showed up during the NFL Honors broadcast, during which he was named the most significant player by moderator Kevin Hart.

“It’s an honor to win this honor for the third time. 2020 was certainly an insane year loaded up with bunches of progress and development, some astonishing essential minutes. 180 straight long stretches of having my nose hair scratched, playing for almost no fans or no stands the whole season,” he said, prior to uncovering the huge news: “I got ready for marriage.”

Rodgers proceeded to thank his friends and family, including his lady to-be.

“I played the absolute best football of my profession. So I’d prefer to thank above all else my colleagues for their help, motivation, insurance and inconceivable play on the field. The instructing staff for their endeavors to make this fun each and every week, the energy, the inspiration and the day by day introductions truly made all the difference for us. Off the field, I got a truly extraordinary gathering of individuals that help me. So I’d prefer to thank my group,” he said, likewise expressing gratitude toward “my life partner.”

Only days before the NFL Honors occasion, different sources affirmed to PEOPLE that Rodgers has been dating entertainer Shailene Woodley. One source revealed to PEOPLE that Rodgers appears to be content with the 29-year-old Big Little Lies star.

Reps for Rodgers and Woodley didn’t promptly react to PEOPLE’s solicitations for input.

In September, during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers talked about his “new and expanded love of life.”

“I’ve settled on choices and changes and propensities that put me in significantly better headspace and there’s simply a great deal of things that have met up in my life in the course of the most recent couple of months that have truly been pleasant,” the competitor shared. “That is the reason I’m having a good time and it begins with adoration. And afterward encircle yourself with individuals that you truly appreciate.”

Rodgers won his first MVP grant for the 2011 season, the very year he drove the Packers to a Super Bowl XLV win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He procured his second title in 2014.

Rodgers recently dated previous race vehicle driver Danica Patrick. The two split in July of a year ago following two years together, Patrick’s rep affirmed to PEOPLE at that point.

Only days after Aaron Rodgers reported that he was locked in, those near the 37-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback say they were stunned to discover that he and entertainer Shailene Woodley got so genuine, so quick.

“It was an unexpected that they got so close so rapidly,” a source near the competitor tells PEOPLE in the current week’s issue. “That is to say, it truly felt like one day he was with Danica Patrick, and afterward unexpectedly he was with Shailene. It happened excessively quick.”