Mia Farrow Says the ‘Incomparable Regret’ of Her Life Is Bringing Woody Allen Into Her Family

Allen v. Farrow is a four-section docuseries with new scenes circulating each Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and accessible to stream on HBO Max

Mia Farrow is considering the media and lawful tempest encompassing her dangerous split from Woody Allen.

On Sunday’s debut scene of the HBO docuseries Allen v. Farrow, the 76-year-old entertainer talks about succumbing to Allen, 85, toward the beginning of their relationship, and her girl Dylan’s allegations of sexual maltreatment against the Oscar champ.

“That is the extraordinary lament of my life, that I wasn’t sufficiently keen. It’s my shortcoming,” Mia says in the docuseries. “I brought this person into my family. There’s nothing I can do to remove that.”

“I get why individuals can’t trust it since who in the world can imagine how of Woody Allen?” she adds. “I could barely handle it. I could barely handle it. Everyone appreciated Woody so much, adored him, and I did as well.”

The Annie Hall chief has since a long time ago kept the claims from getting kid misuse, which were first revealed during his 1992 split from the entertainer. Allen was not charged, however a Connecticut examiner said there was reasonable justification for a criminal case.

Allen has not remarked on the docuseries and his rep didn’t quickly react to PEOPLE’s solicitation for input.

In Allen v. Farrow, the Rosemary’s Baby entertainer says she kept her life as a mother separate from her relationship with Allen keeping in mind him after he said he had no tendency toward being a dad.

Mia was a mother to seven kids prior to meeting Allen: twins Matthew and Sascha Previn, Lark Song Previn, Fletcher Previn, Summer “Daisy” Song Previn, Soon-Yi Previn and Moses Farrow

As expected, nonetheless, the entertainer says Allen started to “step by step” warm toward her youngsters, specifically, her received child Moses.

In the docuseries, Mia says she moved toward Allen about imagining a youngster together, to which she says the movie producer concurred on the condition that he could go back and forth however he wanted no parental connections. At the point when the two couldn’t consider an infant, Mia says she asked Allen how he would feel about embracing a youngster.

Allen’s further reaction, Mia asserts, was an ominous one.

“He said in the event that I needed to do that that it wouldn’t demolish the relationship however that he didn’t need anything to do with it,” she guarantees in the docuseries. “I believed, ‘That is reasonable.’ He knew the sort of youngsters that I received that were all from various nations with various necessities. He said, ‘I may be all the more sympathetically inclined in the event that it was a little blonde young lady.’ I thought in the event that he thinks often about that I should attempt to locate a young lady like that and perhaps he’ll adore her. I ultimately wound up with a little blonde young lady and that was child Dylan.”

After Dylan’s selection, Mia and Allen imagined their child, Ronan Farrow. It was after his introduction to the world that Dylan asserts Allen started to show her “extreme love” to where she would start to stow away from the movie producer at whatever point he was around her.

“As expected, what it became [that] was there was no one except for both of them,” Mia says in Allen v. Farrow. “He would not like to see different children, he needed to see her. She began fleeing from him. She began securing herself restrooms.”

In the debut scene of the docuseries, Dylan, Mia, and a family companion, Priscilla Gilman, say they saw Allen, in his clothing, in bed with Dylan, just as an occasion where the chief had Dylan “suck his thumb.”

At the point when Mia disclosed to Allen she was awkward with the manner in which he treated Dylan, she says he lost control.

“Maybe I’d blamed him for being a hatchet killer,” Mia says in the docuseries. “I was crying and I was sorry. Also, now and then he would say, ‘I sincerely think you need assistance.’ And I started figuring, ‘I should be insane. He can’t be a pedophile.’ I needed to accept that he was not fit for what I dreaded.”

Mia says the “conduits opened” for her when Dr. Ethel Person, a specialist who lived in her New York City high rise at that point, disclosed to her she thought “there was an off thing” about the manner in which Allen had welcomed Dylan.