Columbia Broadcasting System Launches Internal Review After Sharon Osbourne’s Heated Debate with Sheryl Carrie Underwood on The Talk

During Wednesday’s scene of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne said that she had been blamed for being bigoted in the wake of voicing her help for Piers Morgan

Following an exceptional trade between Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood about the backfire encompassing Piers Morgan and his remarks about Meghan Markle on Wednesday’s scene of The Talk, CBS has dispatched an inward audit into the matter.

“We are focused on an assorted, comprehensive and aware work environment,” the organization said in an articulation gave to PEOPLE on Friday night. “All issue identified with the Wednesday scene of The Talk are as of now under interior survey.”

During Wednesday’s scene of The Talk, Osbourne, 68, said that she had been blamed for being bigoted subsequent to voicing her help for Morgan, 55, in the wake of analysis about his questionable reaction to Markle’s new meeting with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan confronted inescapable analysis for remarks he made about Markle, remembering scrutinizing her genuineness for examining her emotional wellness battles, on Good Morning Britain recently. After his co-have Alex Beresford called him out live, Morgan stomped off set. Following the occurrence, it was reported that Morgan would leave his post at the ITV morning news show.

“Did I like all that he said? Did I concur with what he said? No,” Osbourne said of Morgan’s comments on The Talk. “It’s not my assessment … I uphold him for his ability to speak freely, and he’s my companion.”

Underwood at that point pushed back and addressed Osbourne: “What might you say to individuals who may feel that while you’re remaining by your companion, it shows up you gave approval or place of refuge to something that he has expressed that is bigoted, regardless of whether you disagree?”

Their discussion immediately turned passionate, with Osbourne advising Underwood to clarify when Morgan had said something bigot.

“I will ask you again Sheryl, I’ve been asking you throughout the break and I’m asking you once more, and don’t attempt to cry ’cause in the event that anybody ought to be crying it ought to be me,” Osbourne said with tears in her eyes. “Instruct me! Reveal to me when you have heard him express bigoted things.”

Underwood at that point reacted that “it isn’t the specific expressions of prejudice, it’s the ramifications and the response to it.”

“To not have any desire to address that since she is a Black lady, and to attempt to excuse it or to cause it to appear to be not as much as what it is, that is the thing that makes it bigot,” Underwood clarified. “However, at the present time, I’m conversing with a lady I accept is my companion and I don’t need anyone here to watch this and think we are assaulting you for being bigoted.”

Following the live discussion, Osbourne gave an assertion saying ‘sorry’ for any mischief she may have caused in supporting Morgan.

“After some reflection, subsequent to sitting with your remarks and sitting with my heart, I might want to address the conversation on The Talk this previous Wednesday,” she wrote in a proclamation presented on Twitter on Thursday night. “I have consistently been embraced with such a lot of affection and backing from the African American population and I have profound regard and love for the African American population.”

“To anybody of shading that I insulted and additionally to anybody that feels confounded or let somewhere near what I said, I am genuinely heartbroken. I froze, felt caught unaware, got protective and permitted my dread and frightfulness of being blamed for being bigoted dominate,” Osbourne proceeded. “There are not many things that hurt my heart more than prejudice so to feel related with that turned me quick. I’m not great, I am as yet learning like most of us and will keep on learning, tune in and improve.”

Underwood talked about her live trade with Osbourne on a Friday scene of her The World According To Sheryl digital broadcast, saying that she had kept her poise during the visit since she thinks of her as co-have a “companion.”

“I thought we were having a discussion like we regularly do. Yet, at that point I got an inclination that, stand by a moment, this ain’t what it typically is,” she clarified. “I additionally got another sensation of, alright, Sheryl, this is the ideal opportunity for you to venture up into the administrative role … this is the ideal opportunity for you to show what you’re made of, and in an individual way. Regardless of what someone says about you, I can show you an option that could be superior to I can advise you.”

During an appearance on The Steve Harvey Morning Show that very day, Underwood likewise said, “I simply needed to be a superior model for individuals that are working simply a customary work, that needed to make themselves.”