In the 9th episode of the anime Shaman King, the change in Tao Ren’s feelings was planned in advance.

What is the magnificent ambition of the lotus that swallowed the mission of the Michiya?

TV anime Shaman King Episode 9, the qualifying final round of the Shaman Fight, leaves, and Michihasu was the battle of. After completing his training in Yomi’s hole, Haha challenged Lotus in Over-Soul, which had undergone a major change, and engaged in a close battle. As a result, both sides were drawn to win. Even though it’s a draw, Lotus admitted defeat himself, so it’s effectively a leaf victory!

However, what was more important this time was the background and feelings of the lotus rather than the whereabouts of the game. I think it was the point where the change was drawn. At the end of the last time, it was found that the purpose of the lotus, which repeatedly destroys with its magnificent behavior, and the rebellion against the Michiya, who is his parents’ house, were revealed, but the meaning was clarified. In ancient times, Taoists used to guide the people and rule the continent. However, it is an unfortunate clan that has been driven away by those who feared its power and has been forced to live in the dark world as evil ever since. This is the original manga and the spin-off work SHAMAN KING Red Crimson. is also drawn in detail. The mission assigned to Lotus, who is expected to be the next head of the Michiya, is to take revenge on the people who drove the Michiya and rebuild the house. But what Lotus thinks is on a different scale. The clan’s long-cherished desire for revenge is dismissed as ugly. I believe that revenge and revival will only buy new grudges from those who have been revenge and chain negative emotions. So he was trying to become Shaman King to create a world without such a chain. You believe that even ambitions that sound absurd will come true if you become Shaman King. Now, this lotus idea is very convincing. But on the other hand, don’t you feel a contradiction? A straightforward interpretation of what Lotus is saying is, If you do it, you’ll get it back, so don’t do it. Nevertheless, Lotus’ words and deeds push the opponent down with force and push his correctness from above. Isn’t it the worst way to create a negative chain? Actually, there was a reason, and it was revealed in episode 9 of this time. In short, Lotus knew only that way. Let’s dig into this.

The education that Lotus received is the idea of ​​destroying everything and finally standing up. If you grow up and find it strange, you don’t know an alternative. Therefore, in the end, the same method that Michiya is trying to do is to “break and take away until the other party is reluctant to try again. The only difference between the Taoist and the lotus at this point is whether it is the Taoist who stands at the end of the lotus who even destroyed the Taoist. However, the encounter with Yoh Asakura changed my mind. I realized that the conventional method doesn’t work for the leaves that parry everything like wind or water. But he couldn’t help, and he decided to cover his weaknesses with a thorough effort. However, I had to admit that it didn’t lead to the leaves in this game, and my belief fluctuated. In addition, you may have unknowingly forgiven the leaves that you have something you don’t have and that you will accept the lotus. Due to these factors, it can be said that the lotus, which should have completely exceeded the data, suffered a de facto defeat. By the way, this development can be said to be one of the developments that can be seen in other works, in which a solitary warrior with exceptional strength becomes weak by gaining different values. In the case of lotus, you can think of this as something that was planned from the beginning. On his back, there is a pattern called Taijitu that you can see on the Onmyodo. This figure means that the universe has two contradictory properties and is made up of harmony. In that case, even though it was because of his upbringing, Lotus, who had cut off everything else because he wanted power, was carrying this pattern on his back, isn’t it structurally strange In other words, if you take a closer look, lotus will face a problem due to an imbalance in balance somewhere, and will eventually have harmonious humanity. or lotus and leaves will harmonize as components of yin and yang. However, it was suggested in advance I think it can be said. By the way, can lotus really become such a character What will Lotus do in the future, whose mind has changed enough to admit defeat? I would like to pay attention to the growth of the lotus from here onward and enjoy it! That’s all for today. I look forward to working with you next time Hiroyuki Takei Kodansha SHAMAN KING Project. TV TOKYO Tashiro Hayato A founding member of the beautiful girl game brand age, he has been a scenario, director, and director for a long time. Representative works are the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien series and the Muv-Luv series. Currently active as a freelancer. Sherman author of the King”, from the edge is a relationship between Mr. Hiroyuki Takei’s old friends, they are participating in the 20 anniversary of the same work.