Ryo Hirano, OLAibi, and KOM_I participated. Birth of anime & picture book “Morumetamo.”

“Reframe Lab” is a project to develop “play” and “Manabi” that nurture rich imagination and build a platform that connects art, education, medical care, and welfare.

We have been active since 2018 under the co-sponsorship of the certified NPO PIECES and the general incorporated association Whole Universe. In fiscal 2020, under the theme of “playing with Mienaimono,” we have collaborated with various artists to develop a “play” program that allows you to feel, experience, and cultivate your imagination. This time, a book and animation, “Morumetamo,” are born from this project. To commemorate this completion, an exhibition will be held from July 22nd (Thursday) to August 9th (Monday / holiday) at the new space BaBaBa in Takadanobaba.

The story of metamorphosis (transformation), in which what I thought to be “myself” at one point transforms into water, birds, and wind, from bacteria in the soil to the universe.

The original story was produced by Reframe Lab, the visuals for picture books and animation by artist Ryo Hirano, the music by OLAibi, and the narration by KOM_I. In addition, the picture book has a column page for adults and a guide on how to play the workshop developed by Reframe Lab, entitled “Observation Notes for Play and Manabi.” We have recorded columns by people from various fields under “the possibility of play.”

Your inner universe and play with the outer universe.

If your child feels lonely or lonely now, and if you have any doubts about this world, how should we deal with it? Feeling doubts is also the power of the person. Every experience and emotion (joy, relief, anger, anxiety, confusion) in you is a vital sign of knowing yourself and may one day be your food.
While perceiving them as “treasures of the inner universe,” let’s play with the “outer universe” where forests, soil, fire, etc., are linked from the sea to the sky. I made such a story “Morumetamo.”

Enjoy this world with play and imagination.

It is known that social turmoil and crises caused by natural disasters and economic problems, including the spread of coronavirus infection, significantly impact our bodies and minds. It also comes from indirect experiences such as media coverage, whether or not you faced a crisis. At that time, research has shown that what is essential for children is “play and imagination” and that it is an appropriate relationship between adults and children.

Therefore, using the power of “play” that everyone has as a clue, we not only look at the future society as “things that can be seen” but also give signs to “mienaimono” such as life and non-life, mind, and another world. We have launched a program to feel, imagine, and go back and forth between diverse nature.