What is the Net Worth of Blackpink Members?

Nowadays, K-Pop is ruling the entertainment industry. Be it Korean drama, movies, or music, people are starting to like Kora’s culture and, of course, the actors and singers of Korea. Not only in the entertainment industry, but Korean dishes are also maintaining their place in the people’s liking. Blackpink doesn’t require an introduction. Everyone knows and loves this group of successful girls. The songs of this particular group are so famous that their albums become trending on Youtube within no time from their release. In this article, we will reveal Blackpink Member’s Net Worth. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

Net Worth Of Black Pink Members

This group has always been together. This group is the best, from selling their music to getting modeling gigs for luxury brands like Calvin Klein, Samsung, and Dior. They also promote other brands on their Instagram and their YouTube Channels. The members of Blackpink have a combined net worth of $62 million. This is the combined worth of Blackpink members. Let’s find out their net worth.

Blackpink members networth

1. Jennie

Jennie is from a rich family. Her mother is a famous shareholder in CJ E&M. But, she wanted to make her own identity. She started her career at the young age of 14. Jennie did not only rock in the Black pink group, but she was the first member to sing solo with her song “Solo” in 2018. The song gained 300 million views on Spotify and 800 million on youtube. She was the first Korean female to reach this success solo, not in a group. Apart from this, she is the beautiful face of Calvin Klein, Samsung Galaxy, etc. She has also collaborated with the brand of sunglasses. Jeannie has a net worth of $10 Million.

Blackpink members networth

2. Lisa

Lisa is the youngest member of the group, Black pink. She, too, released her solo song, “Lalisa.” Within 24 hours, the song became the most-viewed video with 74 million views. Her solo song breaks the previous record of “Me,” sung by Taylor Swift. With 74 million views within 24 hours, it has over 600 million streams. This song became the most viewed song by a K-Pop artist on Spotify. Apart from singing, Lily also has a career in acting. She has appeared on TV shows such as Real Man 300, Youth With You, etc. Lisa had too worked for luxury brands such as Celine, Prada, MAC, and more. She has a net worth of $12 Million

Blackpink members networth

3. Rose

Rose was born in New Zealand. She is the brand ambassador of Tiffany&Co. She too released her solo album, “Its Lead Single On The Ground.” It became the most viewed song within 24 hours on YouTube. In 2020, she became the brand ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent. She has a net worth of $14 Million.

Blackpink members networth

4. Jisoo

Jisoo is the richest member of the group Blackpink. Apart from singing, she did cameos in shows like “Arthdal Chronicles” and “The Producers.” After this, she became the lead actress in “Snowdrop.” Snowdrop became popular worldwide, making Jisoo the most popular and richest member of Blackpink. Jisoo has a net worth of $20 Million.

Blackpink members networth

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