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The Original Can Indeed Be the Best but Not Always the Case

A Still From Before Trilogy (Photo: Before Trilogy)

The notion that the first film in a franchise is often the best is a common thread in the film industry, rooted in the idea that subsequent films typically try to improve upon the groundwork laid by the original rather than presenting something entirely new. Horror movies, in particular, are notorious for trying to subvert the original’s resolved story by bringing back the killer from the dead. However, some franchises defy this trend by building upon and improving their initial concept with each new film.

The “Dollars Trilogy” is a prime example, consisting of some of the greatest films of all time. Each film can stand on its own, but the trilogy as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The same holds true for the “Before Trilogy,” a romance series that follows the same couple over nearly two decades, with each film going deeper into their relationship. Action and fantasy franchises, such as “The Lord of the Rings” and “Wolverine,” also show improvement over the course of their respective trilogies.

Similarly, the “Planet of the Apes” franchise’s modern reboot trilogy explores the lore of the crumbling world and develops the character of Caesar with each film. in of superheroes, the “MCU Spider-Man” trilogy follows Peter Parker as he navigates adolescence and superhero responsibilities, with each film escalating the stakes and defining his heroic identity. The “John Wick” franchise, with its stylish action and revenge plot, also improves with each subsequent film, fleshing out the world of assassins and shadow organizations.

A Still From Before Trilogy (Photo: Before Trilogy)

Other franchises, like “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Fast and Furious,” also show improvement over time, building upon the previous film and exploring new themes and characters. These examples suggest that the notion that the original film is always the best may be overstated. While some franchises do rely on their initial concept and struggle to improve upon it, others take the opposite approach, using each subsequent film to build upon and improve their initial concept.

Ultimately, each franchise has its own unique qualities and characteristics that can shape its trajectory. Some franchises may continue to excel with each new film, while others may falter or fail to live up to expectations. The debate around which franchise is superior and which one to focus on will likely continue, but the notion that the original film is inherently the best is a notion worth questioning.

Jolina Rosales
Written By

Jolina is a movie enthusiast from Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. She enjoys reviewing the latest Hollywood blockbusters and indie films. You can connect with her at [email protected].

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