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A Wholesome Opportunity to Rediscover Faith in Love

A Still From LaKeith Stanfield (Photo: LaKeith Stanfield)

The Book of Clarence, produced by Jay-Z and featuring a star-studded cast, tells a unique tale about faith in love, offering a new perspective on biblical figures. The movie explores the life of Clarence, a normal man who sees joining Jesus and the apostles as an opportunity for recognition and profit. Playing the protagonist, LaKeith Stanfield brings to life a character who doesn’t believe in Jesus by the time the movie begins, but finds himself drawn to the influence Jesus and the apostles have on the rest of the town.

As Clarence, Stanfield portrays a man burdened with financial issues due to his gambling habit, with no idea how to survive. Seeing the power Jesus and the apostles have on the town, he envisions joining their ranks to gain recognition, but this proves to be much harder than he anticipated. Director Jeymes Samuel delves into the mind of someone who doesn’t view Jesus as a sign of change for humanity, but rather as an opportunity to turn a profit, adding a new layer of complexity to the biblical narrative.

A Still From LaKeith Stanfield (Photo: LaKeith Stanfield)

The supporting cast of The Book of Clarence includes recognizable names such as Omar Sy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and James McAvoy, with Samuel taking his time to rewrite several notable biblical figures. The story of Clarence’s charismatic and intelligent efforts to join the exclusive group of people will unfold in theaters early next year. Before playing the wholesome character of Clarence, Stanfield has taken on more ominous roles in recent projects, including a trip to the Haunted Mansion and a cursed vacation getaway in The Changeling.

The images released by Apple TV+ offer a first look at LaKeith Stanfield as Clarence, bringing a fresh perspective to the biblical story. As the release date of January 12 approaches, audiences can expect a story that explores the idea of a man watching Jesus’ rise to power and fame from the sidelines, offering a new and unique view on faith and love.

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