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Jensen Ackles’ Directorial Comeback a Reunion on Walker

Jensen Ackles (Via Jensen Ackles/Twitter)

Jensen Ackles, the acclaimed director and Supernatural star, recently returned to the director’s chair on the CW series Walker, reuniting with his former co-star Jared Padalecki for the first time since the conclusion of Supernatural in 2020. Ackles’ episode, “No Such Thing as Fair Play,” marked his first directing gig in three years, and it was clear that he brought his signature attention to detail and understanding of Padalecki’s performance to the table. Despite not having a larger acting role, Ackles’ cameo towards the end of the episode was a nod to their Supernatural days, with him appearing as a stand-in for Cassie’s ex-partner Miles.

The episode featured a significant callback to Supernatural, as the classic rock band Kansas reunited with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles to perform their iconic hit “Carry On Wayward Son” at the Texas Ranger’s Fair. This was a nod to the show’s unofficial theme song, which was played in nearly every finale. Ackles revealed that they had originally planned to use the song in the series finale but due to the pandemic, it was not possible. Instead, they were able to reunite for Walker and close that chapter.

Throughout the episode, Supernatural Easter eggs and reunions were abundant, including a plate of bacon, a familiar green cooler full of Larklair Tejas beers, and a mention of “The Novak Memorial Auditorium.” Even the song “All My Livin’ Time” by Radio Company, Jensen Ackles’ own band, was a nod to their Supernatural days. These references were not limited to this episode, as Walker has been interspersing Supernatural elements into its storytelling throughout its run.

Jensen Ackles (Via Jensen Ackles/Twitter)

The CW series, which premiered in 2021, has managed to successfully integrate Supernatural elements into its storytelling, and it seems that Jared Padalecki is committed to the show’s continued success. Despite the failed attempt at a prequel series with Walker: Independence, the series was renewed for a fourth season. Padalecki has also expressed interest in reuniting with his old creative partners, including Ackles, for The Boys and potentially for a Supernatural revival.

As Walker continues to air on the CW, fans can continue to look forward to more Supernatural references and reunions. With Jensen Ackles’ directorial comeback and Jared Padalecki’s commitment to the show, there is hope for more meaningful collaborations between the two in the future.

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