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The Relatable Rags-to-Riches Story of All American: A True-Life Inspiration

A Still From All American (Via IMDB)

All American, a sports drama series, is loosely based on the life of NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger, who played football at Beverly Hills High School as a teenager. Despite the creative liberties taken to make the show more entertaining, the series remains inspired by Paysinger’s true story. The show follows Spencer James, a rising high school football player, who leaves his old high school and moves to Beverly Hills to play for the school’s team.

The biggest changes in the show are for the sake of entertainment, with the showtaking some artistic liberties with Paysinger’s life. For instance, Paysinger never spent his entire high school career at Beverly Hills; in the show, he briefly returns to his old school. Additionally, Spencer’s position as a wide receiver is not based on Payinger’s real-life experience, as he was a linebacker in high school and college.

The story also deviates from Paysinger’s real-life events, such as his father’s health issues. In the show, Spencer’s father, Corey, passes away from a lifelong illness, which leads Spencer to walk away from football. In reality, Paysinger’s father is alive and well and was a coach at Beverly Hills High School.

A Still From All American (Via IMDB)

Spencer Paysinger himself acknowledged the changes made to his life in the show, stating that he wanted to create a show that portrayed an authentic representation of his life and struggles. He wanted to highlight the challenges faced by people from different walks of life and backgrounds. The show, he said, aims to portray a realistic portrayal of life, regardless of one’s background or lifestyle.

Spencer Paysinger’s post-NFL career is just as impressive as his football career. After retiring from the NFL in 2017, he opened his own coffee shop, Hilltop Coffee, in LA and also started an investment fund called Afterball LLC to help NFL players whose careers have ended. He is currently a consulting producer on All American and has a minor role as an assistant coach at Beverly Hills High.

The show has been praised for its portrayal of relatable struggles and universally applicable themes, making it more than just a sports drama.

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