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The Shift to Texas: A New Chapter for 1923

A Still From Yellowstone' Spin-Off 1923 (Via IMDB)

The much-awaited second season of 1923, a prequel to Yellowstone and sequel to 1883, is set to undergo a significant transformation. Instead of returning to its familiar Montana setting, the production will be relocating to South Austin, Texas. This move has hinted at changes that may impact the storyline and visuals of the show.

The relocation comes as a surprise, particularly since 1923 had previously filmed in Montana, Malta, Kenya, and other international locations. However, the production encountered delays caused by the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which resulted in the loss of its Butte Civic Center sound stage in the summer.

According to the Austin Business Journal, the production will be filming at ATX Film Studios in South Austin, Texas. While it remains unclear if the new season will include additional location shooting outside of Texas, fans are left wondering how this change will affect the story and setting of 1923.

A Still From Yellowstone’ Spin-Off 1923 (Via IMDB)

The move from Montana to Texas has sparked questions about how this will impact the show. While it’s likely that the visual style will remain consistent, the change in location could be explained within the season’s storyline. Despite the move, many elements of the show will remain, but it is evident that 1923 is leaving behind a core part of its identity.

For fans of the show, the move marks a significant shift in the series. Montana played a vital role in the Yellowstone universe, particularly in 1883, which ended in Montana. However, 1923 has continued to maintain a strong connection to the state, exploring themes such as droughts, Prohibition, and the beginning of the Great Depression. While the move to Texas may signal a new direction for the show, it remains to be seen how the change will shape the story and setting of 1923.

Rollie D. Eldred
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Rollie is a film aficionado from LA, USA. He loves exploring international cinema and writing insightful reviews. He also looks like Chuck Norris, he gets that a lot. Get in touch with him at [email protected].

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