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Scream’s Battle for an R-Rating

A Still From Scream Movie (Via IMDB)

The creation of **Scream** was a tumultuous journey filled with clashes between the vision of director Wes Craven and the Motion Picture Association (MPA). While the film explored the genre of slasher films with tongue-in-cheek humor, the MPA’s censorship guidelines proved a formidable hurdle.

From the opening scene where Casey is brutally killed, **Scream** was deemed too violent by the MPA, earning an NC-17 rating. Craven was forced to cut significant portions of violent scenes, including graphic kills and close-ups of injuries. This painful process saw the demise of scenes showcasing the brutality of the killer’s actions.

Scream 4 Movie (Via IMDB)

The struggle to appease the MPA extended beyond just violence. Dialogue that dared to comment on the influence of movies on viewers was also deemed inappropriate by the rating board.

Fortunately, producer Bob Weinstein intervened. By classifying **Scream** as a satirical comedy, he successfully secured an R-rating, allowing a broader audience to enjoy the film. This unforeseen break proved instrumental in the film’s success, establishing it as a cult classic.

Throughout the process, Craven grappled with the censorship he faced. He believed the edits watered down the terror intended by the narrative, highlighting the film’s realistic setting. Despite the challenges, **Scream** became a groundbreaking meta-horror, terrifying audiences and reviving the slasher genre.

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