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“Exploring Billy Butcher’s Inner Turmoil: Hallucinations and Guilt in The Boys Season 4”

Billy Butcher in The Boys. (Photo: The Boys)

As The Boys Season 4 unfolds, the show presents its heroes with daunting challenges and seemingly insurmountable battles. Among these grueling struggles, perhaps the most poignant aspect so far has been Billy Butcher’s internal turmoil. As a character, Butcher is struggling with the weight of his mortality, determined to save his son Ryan from Homelander’s clutches. This desperation is mirrored in his hallucinations of his late wife, Becca, who revisits him as a reminder of his past mistakes. These hallucinations are not only a testament to Butcher’s vulnerability but also serve as a means for him to confront his past and strive to fix the damages he has inflicted.

Showrunner Eric Kripke has remained tight-lipped about the situation, leaving fans to speculate about the nature of Butcher’s hallucinations. While some may attribute them to his use of Temp V, a potent and potentially mind-altering substance, others propose that they might be a symptom of Butcher’s cancer, which is fueled by Temp V. Butcher’s conversations with Becca, as well as the appearances of the worm crawling under his skin, raise questions about the true origin of his visions.

For some, the idea that Becca’s reappearance is merely a cameo due to Kripke’s personal relationship with Shantel VanSanten is plausible. However, the narrative purpose behind these scenes cannot be ignored. According to Kripke, they serve as a way to dramatize the promise Butcher made to Becca to keep Ryan safe, pushing him to confront the mistakes he has made and strive to be better.

Billy Butcher in The Boys. (Photo: The Boys)

As Butcher’s hallucinations continue to unfold, fans are left wondering whether Hughie, too, might be experiencing his own hallucinations. Since Hughie used Temp V temporarily, it is possible that he, like Butcher, is grappling with hallucinations. Eagle-eyed viewers have already theorized that Hughie’s mother, Daphne Campbell, might not be real, an idea supported by the fact that Hughie potentially speaks to himself in their scenes together and no one else has recognized or seen her.

Ultimately, the truth behind Butcher’s hallucinations remains a mystery, with both Temp V and his impending death serving as possible explanations. Whatever the reason, the consequences for Both and Hughie’s characters will be dramatic, and fans can expect the show to continue exploring themes of guilt, redemption, and personal growth.

Mona Sharma
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