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The Intricate Dance of History and Pop Culture in My Lady Jane

A Still From My Lady Jane (Photo: My Lady Jane)

The Prime Video original series, My Lady Jane, is a historically-inspired drama that tells the tumultuous romance between Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley, played by Emily Bader and Edward Bluemel respectively. The show cleverly subverts traditional period romance tropes by making Jane the strong and resourceful heroine, while Guildford becomes the damsel in distress. As they navigate their arranged marriage amidst the Tudor era, they find themselves entangled in a web of court politics, power struggles, and deceit.

In an interview, Bluemel and Bader discussed their experience working on the show, from the meticulous historical research to the nuances of shooting intense scenes, such as Jane’s execution. They also shared their thoughts on the numerous pop culture references woven throughout the narrative, including nods to films like “Goonies” and “Clueless”. The duo expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work together, citing the camaraderie they developed during the long shooting schedule.

A Still From My Lady Jane (Photo: My Lady Jane)

As the story unfolds, Jane and Guildford must confront their own mortality, with Guildford struggling to come to terms with his mother’s death. Bluemel revealed that his character’s trauma had shaped him into the person he is today, leading him to hide behind a facade of drinking and debauchery. Through his relationship with Jane, Guildford begins to confront his shame and find a path towards self-acceptance.

Bader praised Bluemel’s performances, saying they made her feel safe on set. The duo also spoke about the challenges of shooting intimate scenes, particularly when dressed in period attire, and the importance of having each other’s support on set. They hinted at the possibility of exploring Guildford’s journey towards finding joy and redemption, while also acknowledging the challenges Jane faces in putting her family’s safety above her own.

As the story continues to unfold, it is clear that the complex world of the Tudor court is a major part of the show’s appeal. The actors’ performances are nuanced and charming, and the show’s attention to historical detail is impressive. The inclusion of pop culture references adds a unique touch to the narrative, making it feel both grounded and original. My Lady Jane is a charming drama that is sure to intrigue audiences and leave them eager to see what’s next for Jane and Guildford.

Koushik Ghorai
Written By

Koushik is a cinephile residing in Delhi, India. He specializes in dissecting classic films and contemporary cinema trends. Contact him at [email protected].

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