Dying Light 2 Release Date and All You Need to Know

Dying Light 2

Hello gaming geeks and peeps, welcome to GizmoSeries, and today in this article, we are going to talk about the upcoming videogame Dying Light 2 and its release details. Dying Light is a survival horror videogame published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game has been developed by Techland.

The sequel to the first part was announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference for 2018. In the same event which took place in 2019, the trailer for the game was launched, which revealed its graphical content and gameplay performance. A new feature is being added to the gameplay, and it is parkour-style running, which most of us are acquainted with in games like Assassin’s Creed, Watchdogs, and Grand Theft Auto. The running mechanisms have been designed so neatly that it will change the gameplay dynamics and make the player’s survival even more long-lasting. Here’s the trailer to the game:

The game is set in a middle-eastern city called Harran, and it has been marked as a quarantined zone where no one goes out or comes in. It is an open-world city infested with zombies and has a dynamic day-night cycle. An undercover agent named Kyle Crane is sent to the city to infiltrate the place to which he examines that the city is on the brinks of falling apart, with the zombies being slow during the day but aggressive and agile during the night. Hence, the decisions you make and the actions you take as a player will help shape up the world and bring the city back to its original form and fruitful conditions.

Dying Light 2 Release Date

The game was supposed to release by the spring of this year, but Techland – the original developers of the game, notified the fans and the gaming community viz. this tweet that the release of the game would be delayed as there were further developments which were yet to be made. The delay may be more so imminent due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has sent the whole world into a long-term lockdown and has put it on a standstill. Here’s the tweet:

A pre-launch date is yet to be confirmed as there is no word about it in any news/media but keep your eyes on this column as we’ll let you know the exact release date as soon as anything turns up. However, the developers presenting a polishing and picture-perfect trailer at the E3 events of 2018 and 2019, consecutively, pointed out that these developments that have delayed the release are not major developments but rather last finishing touches. Hence, it is relatively safe to say that we can expect the title’s release quite sooner.

Ashes of Creation Release Date, and All You Need to Know

Ashes of Creation

Hello gaming geeks and peeps, welcome to GizmoSeries, and today in this article, we are going to talk about the upcoming videogame Ashes of Creation and its release details. It is a fantasy-themed role-playing videogame where the player will choose what kind of world he/she wants to play and shape them accordingly through the game’s journey.

It is one of the most highly anticipated role-playing videogames of modern times and has been in the news for quite a while now. The upcoming title version of the game will use the hybrid product of PVP and PVE content and will focus primarily on cutting any sort of box-cost subscription, i.e., the players won’t have to pay to buy game commodities such as attires, weapons, etc. with real-world currency. However, there will be an in-game currency with a store present inside the game environment from where the player can do business and transact using that currency.

Ashes of Creation Release Date

The game has been created by Intrepid Studios, and the studio has released plans and other pieces of information surrounding the alpha release of the game that is also being termed as “Alpha One.” The exact release date of this alpha version of the game is yet to be announced; however, the production has brought forward statements suggesting the invitation of gamers and game testers to examine the first phase of the alpha version release. The test sessions will begin by the end of this year, with the objective of the assessments being the examination of the mechanics and system of the upcoming role-playing game.

Ashes of Creation – Apocalypse from Intrepid Studios.

The results or the outputs collected from the testers, as well as from the game’s performance on the various platforms, will be used by the developers to tweak those specific portions of the game so that the game performs smoothly with balanced optimism on any given platform during its final release. The studio has also confirmed that the test sessions won’t be behind the curtains, i.e., fans of the franchise will be allowed to openly experience and interact with the game testing sessions and get a glimpse of how the game would look like. Fans would also get to check out a no. of new and upcoming siege weapons and warfare entities.

Ashes of Creation is inspired by other popular role-playing gaming titles that have achieved quite the love and fame from the gaming community. A node system has been included in the game environment so that the gamers can thoroughly enjoy the game even more. The node is nothing but a map of the game that would help the players advance through civilizations. The map also supports the multiplayer game mode where players advancing through civilizations will gain XPs and using those XPs, the gamer has to unlock new regions where he/she will find rival players of their same level or level above them. Advancing through would require defeating the rival gamers and then proceeding further into the game.

Blood Of Zeus Release Date, and Updates

Blood of Zeus

In this article, we will talk about an upcoming anime-style web series, Blood of Zeus and its release date, and much more. The web series is an entirely original anime and is a Netflix Exclusive show because Netflix has officially produced the anime in collaboration with Powerhouse Animation Studios.

The anime has been created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, with the duo being the executive producers of the show as well. The show has been produced by the collaborative unit of Netflix and Powerhouse Animation Studios. The anime-style web series is set to release on the Netflix platform on 27th October 2020.

Blood of Zeus Release Date, Plot, and Cast

The web series is an upcoming anime web series and has been solely created by Netflix instead of importing anime titles from Japan. The series was formerly titled “Gods and Heroes,” but then Netflix producers changed the name to “Blood of Zeus.” The show is called Blood of Zeus because the show will be revolving around the character Heron, a demigod and the son of Zeus. The Gods and the Titans are at war with each other. Meanwhile, there lives a commoner on ancient Greece’s outskirts who has no knowledge of his past or where he belonged. But with the Gods being defeated at war, Heron must become humanity’s best chance at survival. With Zeus’s blessings and the power he was gifted since birth, he has to discover his past and defeat an army of monsters to save both heaven and earth.

Blood of Zeus will be releasing on Netflix on 27th October 2020. Here’s a trailer to the anime web series:

The cast for the upcoming first season is as follows,

  • Jason O’ Mara as Zeus – Jason O’ Mara is most popularly known for his role as Wyatt Price in the TV show, ‘The Man in the High Castle’ where he was a cast member for a year (2018-19). His other popular roles include Jeffery Mace in ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,’ Jack Pendergast in ‘The Siege of Jadotville,’ and Damian Boyle in ‘The Good Wife.’ He is also a voice actor and has played important roles in animated movies such as ‘The Reign of Supermen’(2019), ‘The Death and Return of Superman’(2019), and ‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’(2020).
  • Jason O’ Mara voices the character Zeus in the Netflix anime web series Blood of Zeus.
  • Derek Philips as Heron – Derek Philips is best known for his roles as Billy Riggins in ‘Friday Night Lights’(2006-11), Bobby Bragan in ’42’(2013), Travis Murphy in ‘Longmire’(2013-17), and Earl Swagger in ‘Shooter’(2018). Some of his recent works include roles played in ‘Criminal Minds’(2018), the videogame ‘Last Of Us: Part II’(2020), and ‘Them: Covenant’(2020).

    Derek Philips voices the character Heron in the Netflix anime web series Blood of Zeus.

The rest of the cast members include Claudia Christian as Hera, Elias Toufexis as Seraphim, Mamie Gummer as Electra, Chris Diamantopoulos as Evios, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Melina Kanakaredes as Ariana, Matthew Mercer as Hermes, Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Kofi, Adam Croasdell as Apollo.

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date, and All You Need to Know

Top Boy

In this article, we will talk about a crime drama series, Top Boy, and its Season 4 release details. The series is a British horror drama TV series that premiered on Channel 4 in 2011. The TV series has been created and written by Ronan Bennett and has been produced by Charles Steel, Alasdair Flind, Laura Hastings-Smith, and Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo.

Top Boy stars Ashley Walters and Kane Robinson as Dushane Hill and Gerard “Sully” Sullivan, respectively.

The British crime drama series first premiered on 31st October 2011 on Channel 4 and went on till 3rd November 2011. The channel gave a green signal for another season, and the second season featured on the same channel from 20th August 2013. The channel dropped the premiering of the series from 2014 even though a script for the third season was presented. From then onwards, no further announcements came out as to whether the series would have the third season up until 2017 when Netflix picked the series up due to Drake’s (the Canadian rapper) public endorsements. With high praise for the series, the production went forward for the third season. Season 3 premiered on Netflix from 13th September 2019 onwards.

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix has confirmed that there will be a fourth season for Top Boy soon on the platform viz. its Twitter page.

Canadian rapper Drake who had publicly shared his praise for the series, is one of the series’ executive producers. Even he has given an update about Top Boy Season 4 on his Instagram page.

View this post on Instagram

WE BAAAAAAAACK @topboynetflix

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Okay, so this must be very confusing that in both the announcements, the upcoming season is referred to as ‘Season 2,’ whereas in this article, we are talking about ‘Season 4.’ This is because Netflix has done some sort of revamping or reboot by bringing the series into its platform and termed the season release in 2019 as ‘Season 1’. Hence, the upcoming season on Netflix is quite evidently termed as ‘Season 2’. The previous two seasons, which aired on Channel 4, have also been acquired by Netflix and have been put under the title, Tob Boy: Summerhouse. The fourth season of the series will air in mid-2021. Till now, there has been no trailer for the fourth season that has been released on any media.

As such, there has been no official statement or explanation as to what will be the storyline in ‘Season 2’. We, the viewers, have to keep ourselves up to date with what ‘Season 1’ ended with. By the end of ‘Season 1,’ there was a proposal of a partnership between Dushane and Jamie. Jamie ended up in jail for taking the fall for a crime that he didn’t commit. He took the blame to protect his family. The partnership is also under the threat of being jeopardized as Dushane has framed Jamie’s brothers. Sarah and Lee, who performed the role of two addicts in the show, are actually two undercover investigators who kept tabs on Dushane all this time. Thus, ‘Season 2’ will feature Dushane as the “Top Boy” as the plot’s entire heat is on him. Show’s creator and writer Ronan Bennett also revealed that ‘Season 2’ will also feature Sully’s mental state, who was left to deal with the death of his surrogate son Jason in an arson attack, which happened in ‘Season 1’.

The cast of ‘Season 1’ is set to return for ‘Season 2’. The casting is as follows, Ashley Walters as Dushane Hill, Kane Robinson as Gerard “Sully” Sullivan, Shone Romulus as Dris Wright, Malcolm Kamulete as Ra’Nell Smith, Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Lisa Smith, Giacomo Mancini as Gem Mustapha, Kierston Wareing as Heather, Nicholas Pinnock as Leon, Xavien Russell as Michael, Micheal Ward as Jamie Tovell, Jasmine Jobson as Jaq, and Simbi Ajikawo as Shelley.

Don’t Worry, Darling Release Date, Cast and Updates

Don't Worry, Darling

In this article, we are going to talk about an upcoming Hollywood movie named Don’t Worry, Darling. The film’s exact release date is unknown but will be within this fall, i.e., fall 2020. Olivia Wilde has directed the movie, and if you are a fan of her work and are desperately trying to get some information related to the film before its release, you have come to the right place.

Olivia Wilde is one of the youngest and most talented actresses in the Hollywood industry currently. She started her career as an actress but eventually switched over to the role of director. She made her directorial debut with her first-ever directed movie named, Booksmart which was released in 2019 and achieved an overwhelming reception from the critics and the audience with the film receiving numerous nominations at the Critic Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. So it sounds about right when people are quite eager and excited to know about her upcoming project and catch a glimpse of it.

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Olivia Wilde is the director of this film and will also be playing the role of one of the supporting characters of the film.

At GizmoSeries, we always stay ready to serve our viewers with the latest info and updates on upcoming movies, TV shows, videogames, anime, sporting events, etc. Keep scrolling through our posts, and you will get all information that you seek about your favorite TV shows, movies, anime, etc. This post will be dealing with Olivia Wilde’s latest release, Don’t Worry, Darling, and all the information regarding its release date, storyline, cast, and other kinds of stuff.

Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry, Darling Release Date, Cast, and Plot.

The production house acquired the movie in August 2019, but there has been no light shed on the exact date on which the movie will release. Sources surrounding the production suggest that the movie will resume its production after a long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, and if things go smoothly, we can even look forward to its release by this fall, i.e., fall 2020.

You must’ve heard of Harry Styles? I’m sure you have. The heartthrob individual started his career as one of the lead singers in the popular boy-band One Direction. From there, he also minced a part of his celebrity career into acting wherein we saw him playing the role of a frightened young soldier in Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk, which was released back in 2017. He is now all set to star in Olivia Wilde’s upcoming release, Don’t Worry, Darling. Sources confirm that he is also in talks to star in another forthcoming Hollywood movie, which is an adaptation of My Policeman.

The cast of the film includes (L-R), Chris Pine, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, and Dakota Johnson.

Other lead actors in this film are Dakota Johnson and Florence Pugh. Johnson, who became popular worldwide through the 50 shades franchise, is going to play the role of a paranoid neighbor with unusual characteristics. Florence Pugh will play the role of Alice, an unhappy housewife, and is on the brink of losing her sanity as she witnesses strange and weird incidents in her community. Harry Styles plays the role of Jack, Alice’s husband, and has kept a dark secret from her for all the years that they have been married. To find out the secret beforehand would be a spoiler and hence you have to watch the film when it releases. Olivia Wilde plays the role of one of the film’s supporting characters, but not much is known about the role. We’ll keep you up to date as soon we get our hands on any new info.

The film’s plot is set in an unworldly environment in an isolated area of the California desert. The time is set in the 1950s. The writer of the storyline is none other than Katie Silberman, who has showered her brilliance in films like Booksmart and Set It Up, both of which are fantastic films and should be on your watchlist. However, in-depth details regarding the script and the storyline have not been shared, but we are convinced that this movie will join the list of her brilliant works.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Is A Box-Office Blockbuster In Japan

Demon Slayer

In this article, we are going to talk about the currently released anime movie named Demon Slayer: Infinity Train. The film has recently made its release on the 16th Of October and has been the blockbuster movie of Japan this year. The movie has been directed by Haruo Sotozaki and has been produced by Ufotable production company.

Not many details regarding the plot have been revealed so far, but it is being said that the movie is a part of the popular anime TV series of the same title. The story is about the fight between Tanjiro Kamado and his friends, and Enmu, the last of the lower moons of the Twelve Kizuki. Tanjiro and his friends are members of a secret society named the Demon Corps, who have been secretly waging wars against the demons for centuries.

Demon Slayer-Tanjiro joined the Demon Corps after a demon slaughtered his entire family in his village home while he was gone.

Demons are humans who have sold their souls to the dark underworld to gain power. Recent mysterious events of passengers disappearing from a train are reported to the corps who therein sends Tanjiro and his friends to the crime site for further investigations. On their way, they are accompanied by Kyojuro Rengoku, who is the Flame Hashira. But the whole group is devoid of the knowledge that this is all Enmu’s doing, and he was eagerly waiting for the group to come so that he could set-up a deadly trap for them. It all depends on Tanjiro & Co. for how long they take to figure out the entire situation and defeat Enmu.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train has shattered the box-office collection records in Japan, surpassing Disney’s Frozen 2.

This is the first feature-length film of the franchise, which has spread its hype and popularity like wildfire all across Japan. The movie was released on 16th October 2020 and is the first film of the franchise releasing right after the end of its first season as an anime TV series. It sets the tone as well as the mood of the movie as the story continues from the point where the first season ended. The anime movie from Ufotable has had its widest theatrical release ever, surpassing even Disney’s Frozen 2 and set to score a new record at the box office. Now the release only took place in Japan, so considering its flaming popularity, it might even smash its own box-office records when released in the west. Here’s the official trailer for the movie viz. AniplexUS:

This feature film continues the storyline right from where it ended in the first of its animated TV series. Tanjiro and his Demon Corps friends keep looking for a way to get rid of the demonic world and completely separate it from the human world. Parallelly they also search for a cure to bring Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko back into the human form as she is presently a semi-demon (a demon who hasn’t lost its human soul and values). The film’s plot is that Tanjiro and his friends have been handed the responsibility to investigate the case of people mysteriously disappearing from a train. While investigating, the group has a face-off with a demon named Enmu, and thus the story goes forward. The objective of making this film was to set a base for the upcoming season, i.e., Season 2, which will probably release in 2021.

Here’s a post by a Reddit user named MysteryInc152 where he breaks down the no. of showings for the movie in Japan and how it breaks Frozen 2’s wide theatrical release record:

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train will have the widest release of all time in Japan, almost doubling Frozen 2’s (the previous record-holder) show count from anime

First Look: Priyanka Chopra as The White Tiger’s Pinky Madam

The White Tiger Netflix film reveals Priyanka Chopra's first look

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most elegant actresses that the Indian film industry has ever produced. From being crowned “Miss World” in 2000 to reigning over Bollywood for over a decade. Her impressive performances also caught the Hollywood industry’s eye, and she debuted in the 2015 TV series Quantico as its leading actress and became the first Bollywood actress to make a mark in Hollywood.

After Quantico, she appeared in a no. of other blockbuster Hollywood projects such as Baywatch(2017) and Isn’t It Romantic(2019). This time she’s back on the big screen for a film called The White Tiger, which will be released on the Netflix streaming platform. The released date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the movie’s production is mid-way and may finish very soon, depending on how eager the fans are to catch a glimpse of it.

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Priyanka Chopra is the leading actor in the upcoming Netflix movie “The White Tiger” as well as its executive producer.

“The film is powerful. It will make you uncomfortable and most importantly it will entertain you.” is what PC had to say about the film. The film also precludes another big star of the Bollywood film industry, Rajkumar Rao, who is best known for his power-packed performances in films like Newton and Kai Po Che. 

Chopra is also one of the film’s executive producers and shared some of the first glimpses of the movie on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

In #TheWhiteTiger, I play the role of Pinky madam, who is a first generation immigrant in the US. She is in India with her husband, who is travelling for business. And then… life changes! Pinky madam is such a specific character, to play her unravelling in the story was such a joy. This is a story that needs to be told and it comes alive with its characters so compellingly in Ramin’s hands. The White Tiger, coming soon to Netflix globally. 📸- @khamkhaphotoartist @netflixfilm   @netflixqueue   @netflix_in   @gouravadarsh   @rajkummar_rao   @vjymaurya @maheshmanjrekar @mukul.deora   @Ava   @purplepebblepictures    @tessjosephcasting @tessjoseph19 @srishtibehlarya #AravindAdiga

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on

In this post, she talks quite briefly about her role in the film. She plays the role of Pinky Madam, a first-generation immigrant in the US and is currently (concerning the movie’s plot and timeline) in India with her husband, a businessman. She does not give spoilers but teases the incidents that are going to take place in the movie that will bring out the compelling and true nature of its characters and will drastically change their lives. For more info, we have to wait for the film’s release.

She also posts another still from the film.

View this post on Instagram

So proud to present the first look of THE WHITE TIGER – directed, written, and produced by Ramin Bahrani, based on The New York Times Bestseller and the 2008 Man Booker Prize-winning novel.  This is a story about a family and the plight of one man – Balram Halwai played by Adarsh Gourav, one of the most talented newcomers I've ever worked with, and one of the most remarkable performances I’ve seen in a long time. Balram’s rise from a poor villager to successful entrepreneur in modern India showcases how hunger and the lack of opportunity can build and drive a human being’s animal instinct of survival. Rajkumar Rao, already one of the most prolific actors in India, will showcase depths very few can. The film is powerful. It will make you uncomfortable, and most importantly it will entertain you.   Coming soon to Netflix globally.  📸- @khamkhaphotoartist @netflixfilm   @netflixqueue   @netflix_in   @gouravadarsh   @rajkummar_rao   @vjymaurya @maheshmanjrekar @mukul.deora   @Ava   @purplepebblepictures    @tessjosephcasting @srishtibehlarya #AravindAdiga

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on

Adding more to the film, she says that the film is based on the 2008 Booker Prize-winning novel THE WHITE TIGER, which became The New York Times bestseller. She adds a bit more to the plot stating that the film is all about a family and the struggling journey of one man named Balram Halwai, who used to be a poor villager and is raised through poverty but becomes one of the most successful entrepreneurs of modern India. The film highlights human beings’ driving force when they face a lack of opportunities and basic life amenities. This force rewards that individual with far-reaching success.

She also went onto praise her costars saying, “one of the most talented newcomers I’ve ever worked with” on Adarsh Gourav, who plays the role of Balram Halwai and is a debutante into the Bollywood industry. She also praised Rajkumar Rao as “one of the most prolific actors in India” and his performance in the movie where he is one of the costars to PC. There is no trailer or cast information about this movie as production began in September 2019 and is still ongoing. However, the film has been directed by Ramin Bahrani, who is an Iranian-American filmmaker and is best known for making movies like 99 Homes and Man Push Cart.

Locke and Key Season 2 Release Date and All You Need to Know

Locke and Key

In this article, we will talk about a horror drama web series, Locke and Key, and its Season 2 release details. The series is an American horror drama TV series that premiered on Netflix on 7th February 2020. The TV series has been directed by a group of several directors comprising Michael Morris, Tim Southam, Mark Tonderai-Hodges, Dawn Wilkinson, and Vincenzo Natali and has been produced by Ra’uf Glasgow, Kevin Lafferty, and Nishpeksh Mehra.

Official Poster of the web series.

The TV series deals with the lives of the Locke family and the situations that they face. Rendell Locke is the patriarch of the Locke family and is also a teacher by profession. He is murdered by his former student Sam Lesser which further provokes his wife and kids to leave their Seattle home and move to his family home, Keyhouse, in Massachusetts. As the children grow up, they discover that the house has numerous mysterious keys, and when they are used to open doors, they open up magical portals. But they soon get a tingling feeling that they are not the only ones who are determined to collect the keys. A demonic spirit is also in search of the same bunch, and it is about time that they both meet each other at the crossroads.

Locke and Key Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

In March 2020, Netflix confirmed that the series would be renewed for a Season 2. Filming for Season 2 began in September of this year when the pandemic restrictions were a little bit lenient. Cast members posted their selfies along with the Season 2 script that they received from the production unit.

The cast members Darby Stanchfield, Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, and Jackson Robert Scott all posing with their respective scripts and sharing the same on Instagram. However, the exact date for the series to return for a second season is unknown. As per speculation, Season 2 of Locke and Key might drop in early 2021.

The story for Season 2 will resume from where Season 1 left off. The demons, Dodge, Lucas, and Gabe, have outsmarted the Lockes’ and have sent into the infinite void beyond the Omega door. Meanwhile, Eden has also been defeated and is now under the control of the demon. The Lockes’ must find a way to revert the mishaps and fight back against the demons.

Also, the news is coming that this season will pack more doors and more keys (as the above tweet from the producers of the show speaks), which further means that there will be plenty of face-offs between the Lockes and the demons. Also, from Season 2, directors and producers plan to divert the script more towards the comic book of the same title and make the adaptation more accurate and lively. Season 2 will be packed with immense suspense and thrill, but we have to hold our excitement till then.

The cast of the first season is set to return for the second season. The casting is as follows, Darby Stanchfield as Neena Locke, Connor Jessup as Tyler Locke, Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke, Petrice Jones as Scot Cavendish, Laysla De Oliveira as Echo/Dodge, Griffin Gluck as Dave, Bill Heck as Rendell Locke, Aaron Ashmore as Duncan Locke, Sherri Saum as Ellie Whedon, Thomas Mitchell Barnet as Sam Lesser, Kevin Alves as Javi, Genevieve Kang as Jackie Veda, Hallea Jones as Eden Hawkins, Kolton Stewart as Brinker Martin, Asha Bromfield as Zadie Wells, Jesse Camacho as Doug Brazelle, Eric Graise as Logan Calloway, Felix Mallard as Lucas Caravaggio, Steven Williams as Joe Ridgeway, and Coby Bird as Rufus Whedon.

Bofuri Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Updates

Bofuri Season 2

In this article, we will talk about an anime series, Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt So I’ll Max Out My Defense, its season 2 release date, and much more. The anime series has been adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin.

The light novel series’ serialization began in 2016 through an online user-generated novel publishing website Shosetsuka ni Naro. The first volume was published under the Kadokawa Books imprint in September 2017. By March 2020, nine volumes of the novel series have been released.

The novel series has been adapted into a manga and an anime TV series of the same title, respectively. The manga is published in Comp Ace magazine since 26th May 2018. The manga has been licensed for export in the US and the western countries by Yen Press.

Official poster of Season 1.

The anime TV series has been adapted and produced by Silver Link. It premiered from 8th January to 25th March 2020. It has been directed by Shin Onuma and Mirai Minato. Musical scores of the anime TV series has been compiled by Taro Masuda. The first season aired viz. the AT-X, ABC, Tokyo MX, TVA, and BS 11 networks. An official announcement was dropped right at the end of the first season that the anime series would go forward with a second season. The word is that the second would be launched on Netflix alongside its original broadcast partners.

Bofuri Season 1 Plot

Season 1 of any TV series or anime introduces the background setting and its characters to the viewers. Similarly, in the first season of the anime, we get to see the anime is all about. VRMMORPG New World Online is a popular videogame that has made the teens (in this anime) go all crazy about. The character Kaede Honjo is no different than a teenager and is urged by her friend to play the videogame. She joins the virtual world with the alias Maple. She had a sore spot for getting hurt during fights in the game and opted to go for defense.

Season 1 stills.
Source: Netflix

She maxed out all the attributes in her defense and went on to earn status points by winning fights through her defensive skills. However, there is a drawback to her fighting strategy as she goes all out in her defense; she lacks the same in her movement speed as well as in her magical skills. But she is a clever player as she is highly intelligent and a creative-thinker. With her defensive skills, she learns to fight and endure heavy attacks, and in this way, she completes multiple side quests and missions in the game, which grants her new and unexpected skills, which she utilizes to become one of the strongest players in the game.

Release Date and Plot for Season 2

Silver Link has not put out any official word on Season 2 other than the first season having a sequel. There is no clue as to when the production for Season 2 would start or whether it has already started, which seems highly likely. There has been no occurrence of a trailer for Season 2, but you can expect one soon enough as we are edging closer to the end of this year to the beginning of a new one. However, here’s a fanmade trailer for Season 2. Credits – Kendy Senpai:

Production of future seasons or brand new anime titles is planned way ahead in time, and thereby according to those plans, the production studios are booked. Currently, the production unit at Silver Link is working on adapting and releasing the anime titles, The Misfit of Demon King Academy and Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World. Hence, we can rule out an early release of Bofuri Season 2 by this month. The release of Season 2 by the start of 2021 seems more likely than this year itself.

At the end of the first season, we see Maple and Sally defeat two significant guilds. This earned her group a lot of respect among other guilds, and now she gets the opportunity to spend time with each of the guild leaders. This means that Season 2 will project Maple to go on new adventures with the guild leaders and learn new skills, which will help her push through the difficulty levels.

Maple would become so strong that she would now urge to go on missions alone and without her usual ally Sally. Beyond Level 6, the demons are gigantic and grow more powerful, but Maple always figures out a way to defeat them, thereby making the game even more interesting to the other players. However, to know more about Season 2, you have to wait for an official announcement and a trailer from Silver Link. Rest assured, we will do everything from our end here at GizmoSeries to keep you on track with any latest updates that come to our shore.

Shazam! Fury Of Gods Release Date Delayed

Shazam 2

In this article, we are going to talk about the upcoming Hollywood superhero movie named Shazam! Fury Of The Gods. The film is supposed to release by mid-2022. The movie will be directed by David.F. Sandberg and will introduce us to Black Adam for the first time in the DCEU, played by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The movie is a sequel to the first part, “Shazam,” which was released on 5th April 2019. The DCEU introduced the viewers to the character of Shazam for the first time. Shazam is originally an age-old wizard living on the planet for thousands of years, fighting against the universe’s evil powers and nature. But finally, his time had come to perish, as is the case with other living creatures on this planet. But his work was unfinished as he couldn’t get rid of all the evil forces and additionally foresaw the coming of an even stronger force whom even he can’t defeat. Hence, he saw it best to transfer all his powers to someone who was young but had a pure heart. Here enters Billy Batson, a 12-year old orphaned kid living with his foster family who thinks life sucks!!!

Official poster of “Shazam” which was released back in 2019.

Billy and Shazam meet each other under magical circumstances in a completely different space and time, which is controlled by Shazam himself. Shazam asks Billy to say his name (the word “Shazam” itself) so that he can transfer all his powers to him, but Billy finds the entire situation as something very comical and funny. Eventually, he chants the word “Shazam,” and you lot know the rest. Thus, begins a brand new phase in Billy’s life where he is a 12-year old kid as well as one the most powerful superheroes of the DCEU.

DC Comics (under Warner Bros.) has planned to release a chain of movies in the upcoming years. The sequence was supposed to start from this year with Wonder Woman ’84, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, everything had to be postponed behind schedule. According to the very sequence of movie releases in the DCEU franchise, Black Adam is ahead and will release in December 2021. Black Adam would be the standalone movie on the very supervillain character and will be played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After this title, Shazam 2 is scheduled to release somewhere in the middle of 2022. You can catch the teaser of Black Adam here:

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How will the plot connect the prequel with the sequel?

Not much is known about the plot of Shazam 2 as fans have to first get their eyes on Black Adam and its character development. However, in the first part, we saw the encounter between Mister Mind and Dr. Sivana, where Mister Mind says, “Oh what fun we’re going to have together. The seven realms are about to be ours.”

The character Mister Mind – The Caterpillar
Source: DC Comics

Mister Mind is a menacingly cunning and super intelligent caterpillar who turns out to be one of Shazam’s arch-nemesis in the comics. He is so intelligent and brainiac that he has his own Monster Society of Evil. The “seven realms” are the Seven Magiclands, which are linked to the Rock of Eternity. Coincidentally Billy is not the only superhero in the movie. His seven foster brothers and sisters have inculcated his powers within them, and they are now part of the Shazam family.

Also, there is a word that Black Adam will appear in Shazam 2. It will be immensely exciting to see the Shazam family take on two of the franchise’s strongest villains in the sequel. Till then, fingers crossed.
The movie’s cast will be Zachary Levi/Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Jack Dylan Grazer/Adam Brody as Captain Marvel Jr., Faithe C.

Herman/Meagan Good as Super Hero Darla, Ian Chen/Ross Butler as Super Hero Eugene, Grace Fulton/Michelle Borth as Mary Bromfield, Jovan Armand/D.J. Cotrona, Mark Strong as Dr. Sivana, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam, and Alan Oppenheimer as Mister Mind.

A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting Release Date

A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting

In this article, we will talk about the upcoming Hollywood supernatural fantasy genre movie named A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting. The film will be launched viz the Netflix streaming platform on 15th October 2020. Rachel Talalay has directed the movie while Ivan Reitman served as the producer.

The movie is a supernatural, magical fantasy film that is filled with adventures. The movie’s production team is the same as the ones who produced TV shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Riverdale, and Supergirl. The film is based on the novel book series of the same title by Joe Ballarini.

A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting – Release Date, Plot, and Cast

The movie will release in the theatres on 15th October 2020. Here’s the trailer for the film:

The official synopsis of the movie, as per meaww.com, reads, “Recruited by a secret society of babysitters, a high schooler battles the Boogeyman and his monsters when they nab the boy she’s watching on Halloween.”

The movie’s plot is that Kelly Ferguson babysits a baby, and the baby gets kidnapped by the Boogeyman. She then enlists herself into the secret society of babysitters where the babysitters are enlisted for a baby, and they have to protect the baby with their lives. She takes the help of the secret society to rescue the kidnapped baby and take down the Boogeyman. All in all, this is a partly live and partly animated movie which is family-friendly and is fun to watch.

The cast of the movie includes Tamara Smart as Kelly Ferguson. Smart is renowned for her roles in “The Worst Witch” (Enid Nightshade), “Artemis Fowl” (Juliet), “Hard Sun” (Hailey Hicks), and “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” (Louise).

Tamara Smart plays the role of Kelly Ferguson in this movie.

Oona Laurence as Liz Lerue. Laurence is popular for her roles in “The Beguiled” (Amy), “Pete’s Dragon” (Natalie), “Southpaw” (Leila Hope), and “Bad Moms” (Jane).

Oona Laurence plays the role of Liz Lerue in this movie.

Tom Felton as The Great Guignol. Felton is mostly famous for his iconic role as Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series. Felton has also featured in “Murder in the First,” “How I didn’t become a Piano Player,” “The Flash,” “Origin,” and “Braking for Whales.”

Tom Felton plays the role of The Great Guignol in this movie.

The rest of the cast members are Indya Moore as Peggy Drood, Momona Tamada as Babysitter from Japan, Cameron Bancroft as Pete Ferguson, Samantha Schimmer, Crystal Balint as Alexa Ferguson, Ty Consiglio as Curtis Critter, Ian Ho as Jacob Zellman, Ashton Arbab as Tommy, Eliza Faria, Alessio Scalzotto, Linden Porco, and many more.

A Suitable Boy Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Plot Updates

A Suitable Boy

In this article, we are going to talk about BBC produced television drama miniseries, A Suitable Boy, and its Season 2 release details. The series is an Indian drama TV series that premiered on MX Player on 26th July 2020, and later, on the BBC Network. The TV series has been directed by Mira Nair and produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher and Aradhana Seth.

The show has just recently telecasted its first season on the BBC Network. Till now, there has been no announcement or word dropped for the release of its second season. Due to the lack of information, all we can do is wait, but if you haven’t considered the series yet, here’s a trailer to its first season:

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A Suitable Boy Season 2 Plot and Cast

The TV series has been adapted from Vikram Seth’s modern classic novel of the same name. The ambiance of the series is based on post-independence India in 1951. The show projects the way of life that people adapt to after the country’s long struggle for independence. Lata Mehra is a coming of age young woman who wants to have her own way to life. She wishes to explore her options and opportunities and wants to grow in her own way. But it is quite challenging to achieve in a prejudicial society where the elders make decisions regarding the children’s lives.

Lata is an English literature student at Brahmpur University and has three siblings, namely Savita, Varun, and Arun. Arun is married and is well settled with his family in Calcutta. The first season starts with Savita’s marriage, during which Rupa keeps telling Lata that she is the next one in line for the wedding. But as stated above, Lata is a free-spirited personality who wants to have her own way in life. She falls for a history student named Kabir Durrani at her university. After a few meetings, they realize that they like each other very much, but Lata used to see Kabir in secret, as she was a Hindu, and her family would never accept her having a Muslim fiance.

The story is parallelly shifted to the Kapoors, where Mahesh Kapoor is a Revenue Minister in the Purva Pradesh Government. He lives with his wife and his son Maan who does not wish to follow in his footsteps. Maan is an out-of-the-way kinda boy who doesn’t travel the “normal” way. He falls for a singer and a courtesan named Saeeda Bai, who is relatively older than him. His father disapproves of the relation and watches his son go down the destructive path. Tension mounts up Mahesh’s mind as he pushes for an important Zamindari Bill in the state assembly and is also working very hard to win the country’s first democratic election alongside worrying about his son and his future.

A Suitable Boy Season 2 to release soon
A Suitable Boy Still

The cast of the first season is set to return for the second season. The casting is as follows, Tabu as Saeeda Bai, Ishaan Khatter as Maan Kapoor, Tanya Maniktala as Lata Mehra, Rasika Dugal as Savita Mehra Kapoor, Mahira Kakkar as Rupa Mehra, Ram Kapoor as Mahesh Kapoor, Gagan Dev Riar as Pran Kapoor, Vivek Gomber as Arun Mehra, Vivaan Shah as Varun Mehra, Shahana Goswami as Meenakshi Chatterji Mehra, Mikhail Sen as Amit Chatterji, Thomas Weinhappel as Hans, Namit Das as Haresh Khanna, Danesh Razvi as Kabir Durrani, Joyeeta Dutta as Tasneem, Sharvari Deshpande as Malati, Shujaat Khan as Ustad Majid Khan, Shubham Saraf as Firoz Khan, Randeep Hooda as Billy Irani, Aamir Bashir as Nawab of Baitar, Ranvir Shorey as Waris, Vijay Varma as Rashid, Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Kishen Chand Seth, Vinay Pathak as L.N. Agrawal, Manoj Pahwa as Raja Marh, Sadaf Jafar as Bibbo, Mansi Multani as Kalpana Gaur, and Amrita Dass as the Sweet Lady.