Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date

Fantasy Island is here again for another season. And those guests who have been staying at the luxury resort will again experience some of their wildest dreams. Coming back in her role as Elena Roarke, Roselyn Sanchez is the first descendant of the original Fantasy Islands Mr. Roarke. The relaunch maintains the same basic premise of the original series from the 1970s, with fresh guest actors who bring their baggage to the show each week. These characters want to come to some form of peaceful resolution inside themselves by the end of the episodes. That isn’t always the case, though. Here’s everything we know about Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date, plot, and much more.


Fantasy Island Season 2 Plot

Before we discuss the Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date, let’s get into spoilers from season 1.

“Fantasy Island is a contemporary drama series set at a luxury resort. Where guests can have any fantasy they wish fulfilled, it is rare for them to come true. Each episode will feature emotional, thought-provoking stories about individuals who arrive on Fantasy Island with aspirations and wishes and leave transformed and wiser thanks to the magical realism of the island. It will delve into the “what if” questions that keep us up at night.”

The show’s audience recalls season 1, which ended with Ruby Akuda(Kiara Barnes), who ran into her husband Mel(Adain Bradley) on the island as he was in the void between life and the afterlife. After the couple spends the most emotional 24 hours, Mel, in the end, phases off into “eternity.” After her husband has gone, it becomes understandable that Ruby is second in command to Elena Roarke(Roselyn Sanchez).

Viewers got to know that Elena was all set to leave the island with her fiance at one point in time. She was all ready to depart at that moment and leave the mysterious Fernando in her place. But the island itself was not in favor and reached badly. And as a result of that, she remained on the island. But with this decision of hers, Fernando was not happy, and he felt insulted as he would no longer be in charge.

For season 2, Viewers might expect to gain more insight into the relationship between Elena and Fernando. Besides, with the new guests entering the show, the show fans know that there will be some more heart-wrenching moments from the new characters.

Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date

Fantasy Island Season 2 Release Date

Initially, season 2 was expected to be on our TV screens this summer. This makes total sense when you consider the breezy vibe of the show. Unfortunately, the show has been pushed back to the fall. However, the earliest we expect the season to premiere is at some point in early 2023. Even though it would seem strange to air such a tropical program in the dead of winter, Fox may be aiming for that outcome at this time.

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