Who Is Lee Pace Boyfriend

Who Is Lee Pace Boyfriend?

For the past few years, we have been witnessing transgender living their life with dignity. But after all this, they still receive hatred and are not always welcomed for who they are by their family and friends. But society is changing and accepting them day by day. Here in this article, we will discuss the love life of a well-known transgender couple. You may already know about this couple named Lee Pace and his boyfriend. We will discuss the romantic relationship between Lee Pace and his boyfriend. They have been a couple for quite a very long time. The pair have decided to be together for a long period. They are one of the most famous transgender couples. Let’s discuss who Lee Pace Is Dating?

Lee was questioned directly about his sexuality in an interview. Being a private person, he didn’t like it when he got questioned about his sexuality. He got disappointed and posted a tweet on Twitter to express his feeling. That tweet showed that he was upset about being questioned like this in an interview. He made it clear that he is a private person and doesn’t want to discuss his personal life publically. He also said he is not interested in appearing in interviews and media.

Who Is Lee Pace Dating?

Lee pace is dating his boyfriend, Matthew Foley. Lee pace was born on 25,1979, in Chickasha, Oklahoma, the U.S. He recognized himself as gay. He came out with his sexuality in an interview as he had no other choice. Lee finally has a love of his life in Matthew Foley. They both have been in a relationship for a very long time. Matthew Foley is famous for the movie The Art of Making It and RoadKill. They happily live together and don’t want anyone to invade their privacy.

Lee pace and Matthew Foley have been together since 2017, which makes them together for five years of a happy relationship. If you have noticed Lee’s clothing brand, it is Thom Browne. This brand is the same as Lee Pace’s boyfriend, Matthew Foley, who is the fashion executive of the brand.


Matthew and Lee both have found the love of their life in each other. Both are quiet about their Personal life. They both don’t like to get into the limelight and love to maintain their love life private. They go together on many occasions you can see on Instagram while scrolling. Their pictures are full of laughter, caring, and many adventures. But we haven’t seen them publicly commenting or speaking about their relationship. That’s what makes them the perfect couple. Although they are so private and secretive about their relationship, their fans love them the way they are. Their fans respect their private life.

Who Is Lee Pace Boyfriend

Lee Pace Career & Net Worth

Lee Pace began his career as a theater artist but later moved to the big screen. His first movie was Soldier Girl, which was released in 2003. In that movie, he played the role of Calpernia Addams. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Most of his wealth is earned through his films and acting career.


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