Twenty One Pilots best songs

Best 5 Songs Of Duo ‘Twenty One Pilots’

Twenty-One Pilots is a famous and successful musical duo in Columbus, Ohio. The group was formed in the year 2009, consisting of Tyler Joseph as a lead vocalist with his partners Nick Thomas and Chris Tey are best known for their singles, including “Stressed Out,” “Heathens,” and “Ride.” The duo received a Grammy Award for their single “Stressed Out.” Twenty-One Pilots is the first band with gold and platinum awards for both their albums. This article will list the duo Twenty One Pilots’ best songs of all time.

Twenty One Pilots best songs

Here are the Best Songs of Twenty-One Pilots

5. Stressed Out

This is a song you will find most relatable when you’re going through the age of an adult. The lyrics of this song make it more special. It is about the expectations that we had in our childhood. We desired the potential and perfect adult life, yet here we are, stressing out on everything. The song is nothing but a work of art. It would help if you listened to this song right now to witness a masterpiece.

4. Ode to Sleep

Ode To Sleep is a desired representation of the duo. The lyrics used in this song are full of emotions. The music used in this song would make your ears numb. It would go directly into your heart. The perfect voice of Tyler and the melodious voice of Josh’s drums are just mind-blowing. Ode To Sleep is just a perfect song, and it deserves all the appreciation that it is getting from the fans.

3. Migraine

Migraine is no doubt a top-notch song with amazing lyrics and music. It is one of the best songs of the duo. The lyrics have a dark theme with a joyful beat. At first, you will listen to this song in a fun and exciting way, but once you understand its deep lyrics, your mind will be blown. It is the perfect mix of all the emotions that a human being goes through.

2. Holding on to You

This song is the best from a lyrical and musical perspective. Tyler is a genius who has made this song and presented it to the audience. Fans will never forget him for giving them “Holding on to you.” This song is a perfect blend of different genres. Lyrics are like a work of art. If someone is listening to this song, they would be unable to stop singing along with it. This song is the best. Period.

1. Car Radio

When you listen to “Car Radio,” you will relate to it on most levels. Meanwhile, you will not stop praising the beauty of this song. The lyrics of this song are just phenomenal. You will get the urge to learn the full song. This song deserves to be on the list of Twenty-One Pilot’s best songs.

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