Keith Flint best songs

Top 5 Songs Of Popular Artist Keith Flint

Keith Flint was a legendary singer and performer. His energy while doing live performances was unmatchable. He was the pure brand of an energy drink. Apart from singing, he was also a professional dancer. He had been a member of the dance group “The Prodigy” for over thirty years. Unfortunately, the legendary singer died on March 19, 2019, due to unforeseen reasons. He was found dead at his apartment by a team of police. Today, we celebrate his legacy by listing Keith Flint’s best songs. So, without waiting further, let’s get started.

Keith Flint best songs

Here are the Best Songs by Keith Flint

1. Firestarter

This song is responsible for all the success and fame that Keith Flint had. It was released in the year 1997. This song made Keith Flint’s name popular in every household. The song’s lyrics are mesmerizing, while the song’s music is top-notch. It is a perfect dance number. Fans love this song very much, which is so close to their hearts.


2. Voodoo People

Voodoo People proves that Keith Flint can make the song related to every genre. Also, this song is unique and creative. First, the title of the song is very catchy. This song provides fans a full 90s vibe. From lyrics to music, there is not a single thing that the audience won’t like. A perfect song if you’re having a house party or just a random birthday party.


3. Charly

This song comes under the initial songs of the singer. Like his title, the song is also witty and groovy. It was released in the year 1992. It peaked in the UK Charts. This song was a cult favorite because of its relatable lyrics and groovy music. This song took Keith Flint to the next step of success.

4. Breathe

Keith was just wonderful in this song. His vocals in this song are just top-notch. The song is simple, yet it has everything that one asks for in a song. The lyrics and music of this song are perfect for listening to this on loop. Once. You’ll listen to this song. You will become obsessed. It has a piece of quiet guitar music to the loud thumping one making it available for every music taste.

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5. Out Of Space

“Out of Space” is the fine work of art. It has the best showcase of imagination and creativity. It is a perfect example of mixing different genres to make something fresh and new. This song is the highlight of “The Prodigy” as a band. If you listen to this song, you won’t be able to resist yourself for singalong.


This was the list of best Flint’s songs. Stay┬átuned with The Gizmo Series for more updates.


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