When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix

When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix?

Fans were eagerly waiting for the return of Sherlock Holmes’ kid sister, Enola Holmes, but the wait is over now. As Netflix has confirmed that the sequel for the Enola Holmes will land on the streaming service this year. The tweet for the release of the series was dropped by Netflix UK & Ireland and will be available to stream in 2022. The specific release date of the series is not declared yet. In this article, we will cover When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix.

The Very first series of the Movie Enola Holmes got released in 2020. This Movie is the adaptation of the mystery-thriller book series of the same name written by Nancy Springer. This is a story about Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister Enola who escapes from her house when her mother disappears. Enola decided to live her life in her own way. She Ran to London to pursue a secret private detective career specializing in missing person investigations.

Enola Holmes 2 Cast

While we wait for When is Enola Holmes 2 coming out on Netflix, some of the details about the cast for the new season 2 have been relieved. Millie Bobby Brown is the main character of the movie and will reprise her role as Enola Holmes, and Herry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes are both officially returning for the next part.  The other cast that will be seen in the movie is Louis Patridge as Tewkesbury. Who was also there as a love interest for Enola in the first part. He hinted about his appearance in the movie by commenting on Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram post.

As for the supporting cast, there is no clarity that who will reprise their roles in the coming part. But hopefully, the two strict brothers of Enola, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter, will appear in the movie. Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade and Susie Wokoma as Edith will not surprise the fans if they appear in the next part.


When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix

Enola Holmes 2 Plot

While Are you excited to know When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix? Firstly let’s discuss the plot of the second movie. Though Netflix hasn’t given any clue about what Enola is up to with this second part of the movie. But we can get an idea from Nancy Springer’s series of books. The first movie is based on the books that she has written.

In the first movie, Enola says goodbye to Tewkesbury. Enola finally got reconnected with her mother before Eudoria yet again left to fight for women’s rights. Now when Enola is with her Brother Sherlock, she is now free to roam London and can be an amateur detective.

If Enola Holmes 2 is going to follow the books of Springer’s-Then we can expect The Case of the Left-Handed Lady. We can see Enola discover charcoal drawings which are of Lady Cecily.

When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix

When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix

The release date of Enola Holmes is yet to be announced by Netflix, but the filming of the movie has officially been wrapped. So we can expect that it can premiere in 2022. The first film began in July 2019 before it arrived on Netflix in September 2020, so the basis that the coming sequel will follow the same timeline. If we predict When Is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out On Netflix, we can guess it to be released in the summer of 2022.

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