Where Is Hidden Potential Filmed

Where Is Hidden Potential Filmed?

On April 9, 2017, the first episode of Hidden Potential aired. There are three seasons in all. The program centers on Jasmine, a woman who is both a designer and a builder. She has a goal of changing the appearance of every house in the suburban region. She therefore travels and discovers homes that require remodeling every day. She builds a house that is as beautiful as she can make it.

This is a professional program that demonstrates both Jasmine Roth’s professional and personal sides. Jasmine renovated about 13 properties in the show’s first season, which has two. She renovated 17 homes in the second season. 2019 saw the release of Hidden Potential’s second season. Roth and her husband enjoyed traveling, and she quickly gained popularity as a style icon. She is also putting the hashtag #RothHomestead to use while working on her project.

Where Is Hidden Potential Filmed?

Most Hidden Potentials was shot in the US, and the Golden State is specifically where it was shot in that country. Huntington Beach in California is another specific site. Huntington Beach, in Orange County, South California, was the home of Jasmine Roth, her husband, and their little daughter. This show is a business show, and Jasmine Roth’s company is in Surf City. So, Surf City is where the majority of the scenes are shot.

The accessibility of customers is the main justification for holding this show in Huntington Beach. Jasmine’s home improvement business has little trouble acquiring customers on this Beach. Before the show started, the production intended to use beach houses as the restoring homes, but they chose Huntington Beach as the location owing to a lack of time.


Online orders were made for all the materials required for home renovations. However, some of them could not be imported. As a result, they had to purchase that from neighborhood shops and craftspeople. It was a challenging task that would take a lot of time to film Jasmine at every location. Jasmine installed cameras everywhere, including in her car, garden, and home.

Where Is Hidden Potential Filmed

What is Hidden Potential all about?

The show’s lead actress, Jasmine Roth, is passionate about making things beautiful and producing art. She used to shred furniture with her father as a child while building tree huts for her neighbors. Consequently, her love of design dates back to her early years. She started working in an office but eventually left and pursued her love.

She was on a mission to turn houses into homes and wanted to distinguish each house from the others. She relocated to Huntington Beach and got to work remodeling homes. Jasmine fulfills all tasks better than required to meet homeowners’ unique wants. She ultimately receives a substantial sum of money for building priceless residences.


The house where Jasmine lives in the Potential Hidden movie is filmed in Huntington Beach, California. The show hasn’t changed at all. Her home and her place of employment are both real. The area where Roth lives has hidden and untapped potential, and the show will continue to be based there, Roth said when asked about the show’s setting.

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