Black Clover Episode 143: Release Date, Preview, Where to Watch Online?

Well, the filler time is over. As per the official announcement, Black Clover anime is now airing an anime exclusive arc, that’s nowhere in the manga. This arc will be including the events that occurred during the 6-month timeskip in the manga. In this post, we have included everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of Black Clover anime, i.e, Episode 143. So without any further ado, let us get started –

Before starting let us have a quick preview of the events that occurred in the first episode of this arc. Or do I say, Black Clover Episode 142 –

Episode 142 –

The 142nd episode of Black Clover anime was titled, “Those Remaining”. And, it focuses on the other side of the previous arc, that we all probably ignored. The episode revolves around the events of Tiulyu Town, the village is in the common realm, not too poor but no too rich either. When the elves attacked the Clover Kingdom. In this attack, several people were killed including the mother and husband of Dazu Tayaku, a newly introduced character. Dazu Tayaku was living a married life with these two, but with this unexpected attack, she lost the closest ones to her.

When the elves were being exorcised, Dazu and her friend Bou finds out about Asta and Secre being the reason behind this entire dilemma. In the article, they were referred to as, “The Devil’s Servants”. Together they form an alliance with Kabwe Karyon and other members called “the Devil Banishers”. They first try to kidnap Marie Adlai, Neige, and a few other children. Moreover, then they try to kidnap Asta and Secre, but somehow, Noelle interferes. Unfortunately, Noelle couldn’t save Secre, but Asta is free now. The episode ends with, angered Gauche finding out about the kidnap of his sister, Marie

This arc is surely going to be a dark one and will be a revenge centric arc. As per our sources, this arc of the anime will have 15 episodes at the very least. By that time, the anime might have a lot more plot to cover up from the manga. But again, it is only a matter of time since the anime catches up to manga again. So there are high chances of Black Clover going on a hiatus or the anime slowing its pace down and yes last but not least, more filler arcs, the same way they did in Naruto.

Black Clover Episode 143 –

The 143rd episode will surely be an interesting one. Since, it will be covering Asta, Noelle, Gauche, and Finral chasing the Devil Banishers. I wonder how things will turn out in the upcoming episode. As per the preview of this episode, Asta, don’t die. Make one of your stupid faces and laugh! Asta! They kidnapped Nero and Marie… Just what are they after?

Black Clover Episode 143 is titled “The Tilted Scale”. Since the anime drops an episode every Tuesday, the next episode of the anime will be out on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Find more about this Anime on its official website on Crunchyroll and

Black Clover Episode 142 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch?

Both the manga and anime of Black Clover are going places with a sudden increase in fans’ engagement. While the manga is only a few chapters ahead, the anime is following a completely different arc. In this post, we have included everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of Black Clover anime including the release date and preview.

Before starting with the updates on the upcoming episode, let us discuss the events in the previous episode –

The 141 episodes of Black Clover was titled, The Golden Family. And we finally got to see the unseen side of Black Clover, the headquarters of the Golden Dawn. The episode gives us enough details on how the show would have been if were centered around Golden Dawn. It was a fun and action-packed episode. The episode covers up characters not often seen in action, like Letoile and Alecdora. Fans are quite upset about another filler episode, but there isn’t anything we can do about this. Since it is quite necessary to give fillers in between episodes in order to create a gap between manga and anime.

Moreover, Black Clover Episode 141 includes a very new opening that marks the beginning of an anime-special arc. (This arc is only going to be there in the anime, the manga won’t be including it anytime soon in the forthcoming chapters). The new opening is called, Tomorrow x Together, you can listen to it here –

Black Clover Episode 142 –

The 142nd episode Black Clover is titled as, “Those Remaining”. And, it seems the anime will finally be putting an end to the fillers we have been watching for a while. As per the preview of the upcoming episode, In order to fight against the threats of the Spade Kingdom and the devil, we’re going to get even stronger! Those who wish the devil to perish? Here is the preview –

Release Date and Where to Watch?

Black Clover anime drops a new episode every week until or unless a break appears. So, as per Black Clover’s weekly schedule, Black Clover Episode 142 will release on 8 September 2020.

All the episodes of Black Clover are available on Crunchyroll. We highly advise you to watch anime on legal websites.

That sums it up, that’s the information we have about the upcoming episode so far. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to read our recent on No Game No Life Season 2.

About Anime:

Black Clover is a popular Japanese manga that is part of Weekly Shonen Jump since 2017. The manga is written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. As for the plot, it revolves around Asta, a kid born with no magic in a world where magic is everything. Somehow, he makes it into the worst possible magic squad, Black Bulls. Together with his friends, he aims to be the Wizard King. As of now, the anime has aired a total of 141 episodes, Black Clover episode 142 will be out soon. Here is the trailer of Black Clover –