Darwin’s Game Season 2 Release Date Announced !

After a long-awaited time, Darwin’s game coming up with season 2. It’s almost a year since the last episode of the series broadcast in Japan and now they are finally coming up with the new season

Kaname Sudou is a Highschool Student who received an invitation from his friend to play a mobile game Called Darwin’s game, he never heard about this mobile game ever before. However, as soon as he launches the game, suddenly a green snake pops out of his mobile phone screen and bites him on the neck, leaving him unconscious. When he wakes up he found himself in the school infirmary, in the state of confusion he also realizes that the snake bite on his neck is no longer there, he decides to take the remaining day from the school as the unreal experience he just has from before, is just a hallucination and dismisses it.

Here is the trailer for the first season of Darwin’s Game –

As he boards, the train his curiosity gets better of him leads him ended opening the application once again. As it appears like another mobile battle game, he finally takes a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, his sense of relief only lived for a short period as his first opponent unexpectedly appears right in front of him, he starts to chase him with a knife with the intention to hunt him down. That’s when he finally understands that Darwin’s game, is no ordinary mobile game.

When will the Anime’s season 2 is going to Release

Darwin’s game season 2 release is scheduled for January 2021, the specific release date is yet to be announced. We hope that they release more details of the anime soon.

At the end of the first season, we saw Kaname in the middle of the jungle the place where the hunting game was about to begin. Kaname decides to end the game completely, but the question is how, someone manages to end the game, by the first season we understand that, to destroy the game completely one must kill the game organizer in order to destroy Darwin’s game completely. so Kamane with the leading force of sunset raven, which includes Sui, Shuka, Rain, and Ryuuji their clan will try to put an end to the D-game.

Right now the biggest issue at there hand is the club is still unauthorized to run all the D-matches With safety. And the other clan will try to attack their region but the ravens will try there best to destroy all of them who try to disturbs there security.