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Shakira Expresses Views on Gender Roles: Labels Barbie as ‘Emasculating’

Shakira Expresses Views on Gender Roles: Labels Barbie as 'Emasculating'
Shakira (Getty Images)

Barbie, the Margot Robbie-led movie that stormed the box office in 2023, continues to stir up controversy regarding its portrayal of gender dynamics and empowerment. Singer Shakira recently shared her disapproval of the film’s approach, particularly in how it resonated with her young sons, whom she felt were “emasculated” by the movie’s message.

In an interview with Allure, Shakira expressed concern over the impact Barbie had on her sons, noting that they felt stripped of their masculinity while watching the film. While she champions female empowerment, Shakira emphasizes the importance of empowering women without diminishing men’s roles in society. She advocates for a balance where both genders can feel powerful and respected, without losing their essence or femininity.

Shakira (Getty Images)

Barbie’s release was met with polarized reactions, with some praising its ultra-feminist vision while others criticized it for allegedly belittling men. The film’s ambiguous story and central themes fueled heated debates online, with detractors accusing it of promoting misandry or suggesting female superiority. Despite the controversies, Barbie did not lack noteworthy moments, such as the success of the song “I’m Just Ken” and the exploration of Ken’s insecurities.

Shakira’s comments add fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Barbie and its portrayal of gender roles. They highlight the challenge parents face in teaching their children to respect both genders equally while navigating societal expectations. As discussions around gender equality and representation continue, Barbie remains a focal point for examining how popular culture shapes perceptions of masculinity and femininity.

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