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From ‘Civil War’ to ’28 Years Later’: Director Alex Garland Shares Favorite Films and Creative Process

From 'Civil War' to '28 Years Later': Director Alex Garland Shares Favorite Films and Creative Process
Alex Garland (Getty Images)

Renowned director Alex Garland, celebrated for his work on films like “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” has taken on the role of curator for Alamo Drafthouse’s Guest Selects series, offering audiences a curated selection of films that have inspired him throughout his career.

Garland’s eclectic picks range from classic cinema like “The Third Man” to contemporary gems like “Phantasm,” reflecting his diverse tastes and artistic influences.

One standout selection is “Kes,” a social realist drama by director Ken Loach, which Garland openly acknowledges as a source of inspiration for his upcoming project, “28 Years Later,” the third installment in the “28 Days Later” series. This candid admission speaks volumes about Garland’s respect for the films that have shaped his artistic vision and his willingness to pay homage to them in his own work.

Alex Garland (Getty Images)

Garland’s involvement in the Guest Selects series offers audiences a unique opportunity to explore the cinematic influences that have fueled his career. As he transitions from directing back to focusing solely on writing, this curated selection serves as a window into the filmmaker’s creative process and the ideas that have driven his storytelling.

Meanwhile, Garland’s latest project, “Civil War,” has generated considerable buzz among critics and is poised to make a significant impact upon its release. With early reviews praising its ambiguity and power, the film promises to be a standout in 2024’s cinematic industry.

Alamo Drafthouse’s inclusion of Garland in their Guest Selects series not only celebrates his contributions to the film industry but also provides moviegoers with a curated experience that bridges the gap between past and present cinema.

As Garland prepares to bid farewell to directing, the Guest Selects series stands as a fitting tribute to his enduring legacy as a storyteller and his lasting impact on the film industry.

Koushik Ghorai
Written By

Koushik is a cinephile residing in Delhi, India. He specializes in dissecting classic films and contemporary cinema trends. Contact him at [email protected].

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