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George Miller Expresses Desire for Hideo Kojima to Develop a Mad Max Video Game

George Miller Expresses Desire for Hideo Kojima to Develop a Mad Max Video Game
George Miller and Hideo Kojima

Renowned director George Miller, famous for the Mad Max franchise, expressed his desire for Hideo Kojima to create a video game based on his movies. Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear series, which started in 1987 and has over 15 entries, is highly regarded in the gaming industry. Miller, who debuted with Mad Max in 1979, recently premiered his latest film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the fifth installment in the series.

During the Furiosa premiere, Miller shared his thoughts with GAMINGbible on X (formerly Twitter) about the 2015 Mad Max video game released alongside Fury Road. He admitted that the game didn’t meet his expectations, a sentiment echoed by fans and critics who gave it mixed reviews. Miller commented, “It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. We gave all our material to a company to do it. I’m one of those people that I’d rather not do something unless you can do it at the highest level, or at least try and make it at a higher level.”

George Miller and Hideo Kojima

Miller then spoke about Hideo Kojima, who traveled from Japan for the premiere of Furiosa. While Miller would love for Kojima to helm a Mad Max game, he stated that he would never ask him directly, respecting Kojima’s creative vision. “He’s got so much fantastic stuff in his own head that I would never ask him. But if there’s someone like him who would take it on, because I couldn’t do it.”

Kojima, a fan of Miller’s work, reciprocated the admiration. Following the Furiosa premiere, Kojima praised the film on X, encouraging others to watch it and acknowledging Miller’s significant influence on his career. Kojima referred to the Mad Max saga as his “bible,” saying, “This movie, which easily surpasses ‘MAD’ and even past ‘FURY’, is at its ‘MAX’ (masterpiece)! Ever since I saw the first film when I was 16 years old, George Miller has saved me, encouraged me, and changed my way of life countless times. He is my God, and the SAGA that he tells is my Bible.”

George Miller and Hideo Kojima

To highlight Miller’s impact on him, Kojima cast Miller in his upcoming video game, Death Stranding 2: On The Beach, set to release in 2025. While the extent of Miller’s role in the game is not fully known, a small cameo is anticipated.

Regarding the future of the Mad Max franchise, Miller hinted at the possibility of another prequel, potentially exploring the year leading up to Mad Max: Fury Road and focusing on Max’s experiences in the wasteland. Miller mentioned, “In terms of where we are going, there’s this account of Max in the year before we meet him in Fury Road, which we still have. I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s the story we call ‘Max in the Wasteland,’ and it looks at what forges him as a character. If the planets align, I’d love to do it.”

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