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Halle Berry Reacts to Early Career Film Scenes in Viral Video

Halle Berry Reacts to Early Career Film Scenes in Viral Video
Halle Berry (Summit Entertainment)

Halle Berry has been reminiscing about one of her early significant roles in the 1994 live-action movie, *The Flintstones*, on her Instagram account. In the film, she played Sharon Stone, a scantily-clad secretary who assisted the villain, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan, in deceiving John Goodman’s Fred Flintstone into taking the blame for their dubious activities.

As *The Flintstones* celebrates its 30th anniversary, Berry shared a video on social media for fans who annually send her questions and comments about the movie. In the video, she watches some of her scenes and admits she hasn’t seen the movie in about 20 years. She notes how young her voice sounds and how her hairstyle became iconic, highlighting how being in the movie was a significant step for her as a Black actress. Berry reflected on the importance of her role, saying:

“Being a Black woman in Bedrock seemed like a little thing, but you know, *The Flintstones* was the fabric of our culture. I knew that this was a big step forward for Black people. Black women especially. Yes I remember all of that. While it was silly, and it was over the top and campy, I knew then how important this little part in this big movie actually would be.”

Halle Berry Reacts to Early Career Film Scenes in Viral Video

Halle Berry (Getty Images)

Berry acknowledges that *The Flintstones* was not a movie to be taken too seriously, which was its intent, but she seized the opportunity and used it to build an Oscar-winning career in Hollywood. Despite some criticism of her role as sexist due to her provocative attire and suggestive behavior, Berry had no issues with it, as it opened doors to roles that showcased her talent.

Her role in *The Flintstones* became ingrained in pop culture, and fans have never forgotten it. Berry expresses her gratitude for their continued attention with her celebratory video. Since *The Flintstones*, Berry has portrayed various characters across genres, including a Bond Girl in *Die Another Day*, Storm in Fox’s Marvel franchise *X-Men*, and a fierce ally in *John Wick 3*.

Despite a setback with the abandoned Netflix sci-fi movie *The Mothership*, where she was both star and executive producer, Berry has two films set for release this year: the action-comedy-thriller *The Union* with Mark Wahlberg and the survival horror movie *Never Let Go*, directed by Alexandre Aja. Berry’s career, significantly bolstered by her role in *The Flintstones*, continues to thrive as she takes on diverse and challenging roles.

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