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The Boys’ Homelander Star Breaks Silence on DCU Casting Rumors

The Boys' Homelander Star Breaks Silence on DCU Casting Rumors
Homelander | Amazon Studios

The rumor mill is in full swing with speculation that Antony Starr, known for his role as the less-than-heroic Homelander in “The Boys,” might be making a transition to the DC Universe as Booster Gold. Fueling these rumors is the fact that Starr and James Gunn, who are involved in several upcoming DC projects, recently started following each other on Instagram.

When asked about the possibility of joining the DCU during an interview with, Starr remained coy, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. Instead, he praised James Gunn’s talents and expressed excitement about what Gunn will bring to the DC Universe.

Starr’s ambiguous response has left fans wondering whether there’s truth to the casting rumors or if he’s simply playing it cool until an official announcement is made.

Homelander | Amazon Studios

While Starr seems settled in his role as Homelander for now, the future of “The Boys” remains uncertain, with Season 4 on the horizon and Season 5 already green-lit. However, with TV shows having a shelf-life, Starr could potentially be eyeing new opportunities in the coming years.

As for the DCU, Gunn’s projects are gearing up for a significant expansion, with various series and films in the works. While Starr’s involvement in any specific project remains speculative, the DCU is actively seeking actors for long-term commitments, akin to the original Avengers team in the MCU.

While Starr’s potential role as Booster Gold remains speculative, the DCU is certainly undergoing a rebirth with Gunn at the helm, and fans eagerly await official announcements about the next group of heroes joining the franchise. Until then, the rumor mill will continue churning, fueled by speculation and ambiguous responses.

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