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Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie Gets Streaming Release Date on Netflix

Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie Gets Streaming Release Date on Netflix
Sailor Moon Cosmos (Netflix)

Netflix is set to host the finale of the Sailor Moon anime remake, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie,” which will be available for streaming starting August 22, 2024. This marks the first time the movie will be accessible via streaming.

Anticipation is high among fans, fueled by Netflix’s release of the first poster and several new stills featuring beloved characters like Sailor Moon, the Sailor Guardians, and the Sailor Starlights. The movie is expected to highlight the “Shadow Galactica” arc, a pivotal chapter in the Sailor Moon saga.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie” is the first part of a two-part conclusion to the “Stars” arc, completing the latest adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s cherished manga. The film originally premiered in Japan in June 2023, directed by Tomoya Takahashi with a screenplay by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu.

Sailor Moon Cosmos (Netflix)

In other exciting news for fans, the official Sailor Moon Store has launched a new mug featuring chibi art designs of all ten Sailor Guardians. Priced at approximately $13 (1,980 yen), the “Sailor Moon Store Original Mug” showcases charming depictions of characters from Sailor Moon to Sailor Chibi Moon, encompassing both inner and outer senshi.

The mug is designed to be both functional and decorative, with a white base and cute, deformed prints of the Sailor Guardians. The Sailor Moon Official Store describes it as a piece that adds a touch of glamour to any table setting, enhancing tea time for fans.

The Sailor Moon series recently celebrated its 32nd anniversary, a significant milestone in Toei Animation’s history. This celebration has sparked discussions about the evolution of the magical girl genre, particularly highlighted by Takashi Washio, a notable producer at Toei and known as the “Father of Pretty Cure.”

Sailor Moon Cosmos (Netflix)

In an interview with Chuo Koron, Washio reflected on how the depiction of “fighting girls” in anime has evolved since Sailor Moon’s debut. His work on “Futari wa Pretty Cure” marked a notable shift, introducing protagonists who engaged in direct physical combat, contrasting with the magical powers and romantic themes of earlier magical girl series like Sailor Moon.

Washio noted that while both series feature fighting girls, the portrayal of female characters and their principles of action have changed over time to reflect contemporary views.

This evolution signifies a broader transformation in the genre, moving away from traditional fairy tale motifs and focusing more on the characters’ strength and independence.

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