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Netflix Boldly Releases Baby Reindeer’s Martha Audition Tape Despite Controversial Lawsuit

Netflix Boldly Releases Baby Reindeer’s Martha Audition Tape Despite Controversial Lawsuit
Baby Reindeer in Martha (Netflix)

Netflix’s hit series “Baby Reindeer” faces legal trouble as Fiona Harvey, the real-life counterpart of the show’s central character Martha, sues for $170 million in damages, claiming defamation and trauma. Despite the lawsuit, Netflix remains unfazed, further inflaming the situation by releasing the audition tape of Jessica Gunning, who portrays Martha in the series.

“Baby Reindeer” quickly soared to the top of Netflix charts upon its release last month. The semi-biographical series follows Richard Gadd’s Donny Dunn, a budding comedian and bartender who befriends Martha, only for her to become his obsessive stalker.

The show received strong reviews, generated significant social media buzz, and even earned praise from horror master Stephen King. However, it also sparked an online hunt for the real-life individuals behind Gadd’s fictionalized narrative.

Baby Reindeer in Martha (Netflix)

In a dramatic twist, Harvey claims that Gadd actually stalked her, completely reversing the series’ storyline. Her lawsuit centers on the trauma and defamation she has endured following the show’s success.

Harvey has made several TV appearances to discuss the abuse and hate she has faced, but Netflix’s release of Gunning’s audition tape, with the caption, “See Jessica Gunning’s audition tape for her powerful role as Martha in the limited series, BABY REINDEER. From creator and writer Richard Gadd,” suggests the streaming giant is undeterred by the controversy.

Netflix’s decision to release the video serves a dual purpose. Beyond stirring controversy, it aims to bolster “Baby Reindeer” for the upcoming Primetime Emmy Awards. The show, noted for its brilliant performances, especially Gunning’s portrayal of Martha, is a key contender for multiple accolades.

Baby Reindeer in Martha (Netflix)

Amid the controversy, Gunning defended her role, emphasizing that she saw Martha as a character rather than an impersonation of a real person. She stated, “I absolutely saw Martha as a character. I wasn’t doing an impersonation of a real person. She was very clear to me in the script, but I genuinely didn’t know anything about the real person.”

Gunning refrained from commenting on Harvey’s interviews or the real-life dynamics between Gadd and Harvey, expressing her close connection with Gadd and concern for his well-being. She highlighted Gadd’s experience as a survivor of sexual assault and stalking, suggesting that focusing on real people could undermine the show’s emotionally true narrative.

As “Baby Reindeer” continues to capture audience attention, Netflix’s handling of the legal dispute and the series’ potential Emmy success remain focal points of industry and public interest.

Jolina Rosales
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Jolina is a movie enthusiast from Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. She enjoys reviewing the latest Hollywood blockbusters and indie films. You can connect with her at [email protected].

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