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Elbaf Arc in One Piece Might Bring Back Enel – Here’s How

Elbaf Arc in One Piece Might Bring Back Enel – Here's How
Enel (Toei Animation)

The return of Enel, one of the most formidable villains in “One Piece,” is eagerly anticipated by fans. Enel, the central antagonist of the Skypiea arc, was last seen heading to the moon on his ship, Ark Maxim, after being defeated by Monkey D. Luffy.

His story continued in the manga’s cover stories, where he reached the moon, encountered Space Pirates, and assembled a new army composed of moon robots and space pirates.

With the series entering its final saga, speculated to be the Elbaf arc, the timing could be perfect for Enel’s return. The revelation of an Ancient Weapon’s location by Vegapunk adds weight to this theory.

Elbaf Arc in One Piece Might Bring Back Enel – Here's How

Enel (Toei Animation)

Enel could potentially return to Earth, targeting Elbaf, due to a speculated connection with Loki, the island’s prince. This theory draws parallels from Norse mythology, where Loki and Thor share a complex, brotherly relationship. In this context, Prince Loki could represent Thor, while Enel could embody Loki’s mischievous and ambitious traits.

Enel’s abilities, derived from his Rumble-Rumble Logia devil fruit, which grants him control over lightning, and his mantra ability (a form of Observation Haki), established him as a god-like figure on Skypiea.

His defeat at the hands of Luffy, who used a gold-covered fist to knock him out, marked a significant victory for the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Enel’s vow to return suggests unfinished business.

With the ongoing narrative involving the World Government’s use of an Ancient Weapon to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom, Enel’s return could align with his desire for revenge and power.

Elbaf Arc in One Piece Might Bring Back Enel – Here's How

Enel (Toei Animation)

Seeking to conquer Elbaf and potentially acquire these powerful weapons, Enel’s reappearance would add a thrilling dimension to the story.

Another intriguing aspect involves Urouge, a member of the Worst Generation of Pirates, speculated to share the same origin as Enel, from Birka. Urouge, who witnessed Kaido’s suicide attempt, might reemerge to confront Enel, seeking to settle past scores and protect Elbaf.

While these theories are speculative, they provide a compelling narrative for Enel’s return. His potential alliance with Prince Loki and confrontation with Urouge would enrich the final saga, making for an epic culmination of the “One Piece” series.

Fans should take these theories with a grain of salt, enjoying them as part of the broader speculation and excitement surrounding the series’ conclusion.

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